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Technology 190 views Sep 06, 2018
How to Access Yahoo Mail in Gmail?

Yahoo and Gmail are two leading Webmail services nowadays. Many users have created the account in both of the email services to manage their clients who have distinct accounts. However, it can be a hassle in accessing each of your accounts every time to see the messages. No doubt, it wastes your valuable time.

Yahoo Mail Technical Support suggests exporting one of your mail accounts to another. This way, you can read all the Mail coming from both of the accounts in a single place. Yahoo offers mail forwarding option, but this feature can only be accessed if you have upgraded your free account to the Yahoo mail plus. However, if you don’t want to upgrade your account, you can use Gmail’s “Import feature” to access all the Yahoo Mailin Gmail.

  • Open your preferred browser and log in to your Gmail account. Take your cursor to the upper right corner of the inbox page and hit the gear-shaped icon.
  • Select the setting option from the drop-down menu. Locate and click on “Account and import” link. It’ll be at the top of the setting screen.
  • Hit the option “Import mails and contacts” link. Enter your email address in the box given there. Enter your password and click “Continue”.
  • Doing so, Gmail will verify your account and then ask to choose your preferred import option. Choose “Import mail” by making a check mark in the box next to the option.
  • Now hit the button “Start Import”. Your all the email from Yahoo mail will be forwarded to the Gmail automatically. However, it may take one or two days depending on your internet speed.


Call Yahoo Mail Customer Service Phone Number USA +1-844-900-7666 If You Come Across Any Issue

Although the expert has described the comprehensive solution for this particular task, you might face various issues in case of adverse circumstances. In those cases, you can contact the experts 24/7. They are always willing to provide you with the most appropriate solution for all glitches and technical hiccups that occur with this mailing platform.


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