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Technology 163 views Sep 28, 2018
Post your iOS (Default) Stories

As a result of Jeff’s recent forum post on iMessage, I’ve been thinking a lot about iOS; more specifically, about its native applications. 인터넷카지노

My smartphone history consists of various different OSs and Phones [Palm Treo => iPhone 3G => Windows Phone(s) => Galaxy Note 5 => iPhone 7], so I’ve had a chance to try all of (what at the time was) the Big Three.

In hindsight, my decision to leave any particular platform was fairly petty/short-sighted:

  • I left Palm because I thought the iPhone was cooler
  • I left the iPhone because I preferred Windows Phone’s (and/or Zune’s) design principles
  • I left Windows Phone because I wanted Snapchat
  • I left Android because of battery issues/how it managed background applications

But there were only 2 reasons I switched back to an iPhone:

  1. Official battery case (a friend showed me his and I loved it)
  2. iMessage (a friend of mine is colorist AF and hates seeing green bubbles) 인터넷바카라

But aside from iMessage and the case, there is nothing that’s making me stick with iOS. I use a few of the other default apps (Phone, Weather, Clock, Photos, Camera, TestFlight*), but every platform has their own incarnation of those and I could survive without them.

So my question to the forum is: what are the (other reasons) users stick with iOS? What applications do you prefer over the default iOS applications? And if you prefer certain iOS default apps, which ones and why are they better the competition offered in the App Store?