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Entertainment 142 views Sep 14, 2018
NFL - Yahoo : Things to Watch

With the recent announcement of the NFL deal with Yahoo to stream a game online, it should be time to take a look at the things to watch for during the livestream. This is a massive opportunity for both the NFL and Yahoo, as both groups have large audiences and large reaches. 바카라사이트

International Viewing: With the game being broadcast via Yahoo for most markets, this is a test to see the global reach that the NFL has. For many years, an expansion team has been talked about in overseas locations for the NFL, but this is a chance to see what that interest may be like. For Yahoo, this is a chance to further grow their international platform as a whole. Yahoo will be able to broadcast this game in massive markets, such as the UK, China and other large countries that may not have regular viewing access to NFL games.

Prediction: Welcome to the USA, where we are extremely curious about new things. Ratings may be high at the beginning, because we want to see things we are not used to. Ratings in the on home turf should expect to go down throughout the game. However, expect international ratings to be at a very high number, with football becoming a growing sports in expanding markets. 인터넷카지노

Yahoo Integration: Yahoo has many different properties that it can use to further enhance the experience for fans. For example, Yahoo Screen is the main video part of the website that will be used by many fans to see the actual game. Yahoo-owned Tumblr is a growing social product, with tens of millions of posts being created by people all around the world everyday. Can Yahoo use Tumblr in order to make the game more social? Yahoo also has created a very successful Fantasy Sports application used by millions. There is a massive amount of potential to use it's fantasy sports platform directly with the game. Other properties and platforms that are interesting in partnership with the game are Yahoo Search, Flickr and it's main news website.

Prediction: This one should be fun. Yahoo is going to be creating a massive platform FOR ONE GAME OF THE BILLS VS. JAGS. Expect GIFs every two seconds on Tumblr, followed by fantasy exclusives provided by the top Yahoo NFL writers.

Quality: Let's be honest. The first livestream NFL game via Yahoo could go up in flames. It could be amazing, but how do we know the quality is going to be perfect, something we are pretty used to with CBS, NBC and Fox Sports. Just a thought... 인터넷바카라

Prediction: It is not going to be perfect, but I do not think it is going to be awful. Yahoo Screen is a platform with high potential, and with CBS producing the game, this has the potential to be good. But not perfect...let's remember that.

Game Experience: For your average TV user, the game may be DVR'd (or something similar) to either skip commercials or watch the entirety of the game of if the viewer is a couple minutes late. What does Yahoo provide us with this time around? Will we have the chance to record the game, and start it from the beginning a few minutes late? In addition, will Yahoo allow us to watch the game after it is done, allowing people to maybe see a game later in the day? Will we have a chance to rewind the game if somebody makes an amazing catch (or Rex Ryan does something weird, since that is very high in probability).

Prediction: The game will be allowed to be rewinded (a certain amount of time), but not recorded. Yahoo will allow Yahoo-registered users to watch the game after it ends via Yahoo Screen. The game will be lowell watched after it ends, because people realize they have work, school...or the rest of their days.