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Society 193 views Sep 10, 2018
How should Netflix's service and delivery be paid for?

One of the points brought up by the opponent of Title ii was that he feels like Netflix should be paying ISPs extra for using up so much bandwidth. He felt like it made more sense for customers to pay Netflix more, so that Netflix can then go and pay his company extra for "clogging" up the internet. 온라인바카라

My confusion in all this is, what exactly am I paying for with my internet service plan and what am I paying Netflix for? If my ISP is getting paid so that I can have a certain amount/tier of bandwidth and GBs a month (as long as I stay under a cap), then shouldn't the delivery of Netflix /HBO Go/Hulu Plus/Amazon Video be part of that service? I thought I was paying Netflix for the content, and not the delivery. 카지노사이트주소   

If my ISP cannot handle the video delivery because the content takes up too much bandwidth and resources, I'd expect that they should tell me, "Hey radderthanrad, all these video services take up a lot of resources and you're using more than most customers, so you should probably upgrade to a better connection so that you can maintain high-quality delivery of the videos you want to watch." 바카라사이트주소    

In fact, when I had Xbox Gold and lived with someone else who liked to online game a lot, I paid Comcast extra for a better quality connection to make sure I could enjoy a good experience. I don't understand why I would expect Xbox's online gaming services to subsidize Comcast or Verizon for using up internet connections.

What do you all think?