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Society 199 views Sep 08, 2018
Encryption debate in the UK...

I am convinced that the within 5 years, most EU member states will completely ban encryption. 인터넷카지노

Why? It has to do with growing social tensions between ethnic groups.

You might have noticed that some EU immigrants have a special idea of having a good time... Those NO GO ZONES... They do exist. But it is not like most imagine. These are areas where police and the fire department or any other officials are systematically harassed, by throwing stones and other items on them.인터넷바카라

The UK... they pretty much banned private handgun ownership out of fear that too many immigrants would be shoot in self defense during home invasions... So, for sure the UK will ban encryption. Then the French will do it, the Swedes and it will become EU law.

I also expect a total gun ownership ban in Europe within the same time frame. 카지노사이트

Look, out of 300 French Main Battle tanks, less than 30 are operational. The Eurofighters have cracks in their front wing cage... With every nation having its own weapons, trucks, the EU can't cope with any form of revolution, they could not even buy nor get spare parts as many manufacturers are out of business.