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Public Speaking 364 views Sep 08, 2018
PLEASE stop lobbying, we don't need you facebook!

It's become unbearable these days. full page, front page ads on leading dailies, web ads on youtube, ads on leading news channels, and that nagging notification when you open facebook. Handshakes with the prime minister..... 인터넷카지노

You want to destroy net neutrality and you want my help in doing so? please f*** off. I'm not dumb enough to see the business interests associated with a supposedly charitable program- you know that too, so why this sly marketing? Please don't show us (supposedly) underprivileged indians in your hideous ads (btw, if you are wondering, they are actors wearing particularly bad clothes and unkept hair). Please stop bombarding my mornings with full page front page newspaper ads (yes we still get our news from printed newspapers). 인터넷바카라

OK, but Mr.Zuckerberg wants to help underprivileged indians!

LIE! a big lie. the real average income for a low income household (say a farmer / labourer ) in a rural setting is around 1500 us$ a year. and we have a huge selection of smartphones that cost less than 100$ ( see xiaomi redmi prime 2). 3g plans (where available) cost 1-2 $ per gigabyte per month. So essentially anyone who wants to use a smartphone CAN afford it and use it (NOTE: the cost of living in a rural setting is way low compared to western countries- and according to the indian govt is 1-2$ for a (classified poor) family ).카지노사이트

The problem for net access in india is not the cost of entry (usually a smartphone) or even the cost of data, but it is connectivity- the country is quite large and though most of the land mass has 2g connectivity, 3g is a rarity in the rural setting. The private telecom players do not find the rural market profitable for 3g services as they need larger infrastructure to cater to the same amount of customers.

SO is Mr.Zuckerberg really addressing these problems?

in two words, HELL, NO!