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Career & Work 344 views Jun 25, 2018
Dominating Mobile App in 2018

2017 is an amazing year for Mobile App Development. Kotlin becomes an official language of Google. Apple is now partnering with AI industry. Apple is now making a partnership to rule the AI industry. VR/AR is strengthening its position. Mobile Testing Training gives right knowledge about this tool; they also give a practical approach for the students to get a better job opportunity.

Top 10 Mobile App Trends

  1. Mobile Payment – Mobile phones help to pay in online, within the short span of time. 2020 will move to mobile payments by transactions to reach out become $510 billion.  People usually prefer to pay money on transactions, because it saves your time. You can also perform lots of work using smartphones.
  2. AI and chatbots – Users always prefer effortless transactions with their brands and they are expecting to open 24/7. 55% of consumers are interacting with messaging app over the phone or in person.
  3. Blockchain – Government firms invest blockchain in asset management, financial transaction management, contract management, compliance purpose, etc. One-third of banks are expected to adopt commercial blockchain. 2018 will going to push Blockchain for further payment process. With this advanced technology, a user can perform their work in the minimal time.
  4. Cross-Platform Apps – Wide user reach, marketing, cost effectiveness and increased revenue, marketing.
  5. PWA – PWA is not installing the app stores. It has lots of features like faster navigation, quick updates, offline work mode, push notifications and much more.
  6. Instant Applications – Instant apps are convenient to complete your work.
  7. mHealth Apps – With over 100,000 health applications are available in the market. Billions of mhealth app are launched in 2017 which gives better results for your work.
  8. On-Demand – Compared to 2017 users spent almost 95% more on on-demand entertainment applications.
  9. Enterprise Apps – An adobe says 78% of business owners found enterprise apps. 60% are increasing to invest in further applications.
  10. IoT and Wearable – IoT will grow from $158.05 billion to $735.65 billion by 2021.

Mobile Testing Applications is much more complex task compared to other testing processes. Emerging mobile testing tools and platforms such as Sauce Labs and Kobiton offer right capabilities to make mobile test automation more affordable and executable. Kickstart your career in testing domain, there is a huge demand for testing professionals. People who need to learn testing course can approach Mobile Application Training in Chennai. Experts at FITA Academy teach you how to test the apps in an easy way.

Technology is changing rapidly, the number of internet users continues to rise. According to the recent survey, 4.58 billion users are using the internet today. Half of the entire world population relays on Automation.

Hope this helps and follow this blog for more technology updates.