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Career & Work 482 views Aug 07, 2017
What is Hadoop and why should I learn?

Hadoop is an open source framework which helps to store the large volume of data. A human doesn’t have the capacity to store a million types of records, but a server can do. Unstructured data like Media files, Log files and Twitter files are from the internet we can share our ideas from one to another with the help of social Medias. The major challenge is a user can view their files and documents on the server as whenever they required. It helps to handle the large volume of data sets in a short period of time.


What is Big Data?


Numerous organizations prefer Hadoop for data maintenance. Big Data knowledge is necessary to work with Hadoop. Generally, Big Data is used for collection of data sets and it helps to store the large volume of data in the single server. Challenges like curating, capturing, transferring, sharing, storing, analyzing and searching the data.


Big Data Analytics is used in anywhere


Big Data Analytics is used in healthcare industry, finance industry, Manufacturing and Retail Industry. People who are good at programming can solve any type of framework. 


Learn Big Data course at Big Data Training in Chennai, highly experienced candidates offer training to the students with best examples. Use this opportunity and make a wonderful career in IT world.


Career with Hadoop


In India, 48% of the Hadoop Developers are from a non-technical background like Physics, Business Analytics, Mathematics, Statistics, etc.  Getting a career in Hadoop is the difficult thing, most of the industry sectors are hiring Hadoop professionals in today’s world. This is the right time to learn big data analytics course at Big Data Training. Once gaining about Hadoop will definitely help to get the job in MNC companies.


Every Day there is an increasing demand for Hadoop Professionals. Become a master in Hadoop with FITA experts.


Learn from Hadoop experts


70% of Hadoop Developers are from the java background, but it is not necessary to have in-depth knowledge of Java. Basic Java programming knowledge is enough to work with Hadoop. Approach Hadoop Training in Chennai, 10+ years of experienced candidates will be highly helpful to learn all about Hadoop.


Do a project on Hadoop


Hadoop is a practically oriented subject. Without practice it would be difficult to get the job in Hadoop domain, so do a project and learn everything about Hadoop.


Skills to become a Hadoop Developer   


Amazing career opportunities are available in big data market. Generally, Hadoop admins are expert in NoSQL and Python. Additional skills are required to work with Hadoop, Hadoop course in Chennai provides training for freshers from basic level to advanced level.


Hope this article helps.