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Career & Work 1,761 views May 08, 2017
Java Web Application Frameworks

Spring MVC


Spring MVC is a framework used to build a web application with additional features. It is used to develop the flexible web applications. MVC stands for Model View Controller; this pattern is used to develop the applications. Spring framework is helpful to create the web application, mobile apps, Graphical User Interface (GUI), etc. Nowadays, there is a great demand for web developers. Spring is more powerful and it gives a great development for the fresher’s. If you are a newbie to the programming, choose Spring Training in Chennai for better career growth. Getting guidance from industry specialists will be helpful to get a job in MNC’s.




Hibernate is an advanced Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) framework. It maps your tables to Java Classes and it uses Java Database Connectivity (JDBC). ORM helps to convert data into plain java object (POJO), Structured Query Language (SQL) operations insert, update, delete, read commands are used in Hibernate. The data that must be changed from one to another as doing without any changes. Know how the database works and get an in-depth knowledge in web application framework with best Hibernate Training in Chennai. Step by Step guidance from FITA specialists is helpful to create a wonderful mobile application with less coding.




A strut is highly helpful for web development and its works on MVC based pattern. Struts help to clear the boundaries with different tiers of an application. Every OS has own JVM (Java Virtual Machine), so it considered as platform Independent. Get start to learn Java course and create a mobile application.

Nowadays, IT organizations are hiring only the talented candidates without knowledge no one gets a wonderful job in IT sectors. Learn everything and build a wonderful career. For web development and mobile app creation, choose Struts Training in Chennai. Nearly 1000+ students got benefits from this institute, training will be provided with real-time projects.


Build your app


Build your very first app with simple coding. C and C++ programming is the basic one for all, so without learning C programming mobile app creation is difficult. Spring, Hibernate, Struts are Java based frameworks, it is useful to create a website. Become a master in coding with FITA training. All over the world there are 10 million web designers are there, many individuals are choosing their career as a web developer but they didn't get a proper guidance so that they choosing some other field. Currently, there are numerous openings for freshers in web development. Learn and achieve everything with proper guidance.