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Career & Work 409 views Aug 10, 2018
History of DevOps

DevOps is one of the trending technologies in the year 2018. The concept of DevOps has evolved from agile and had taken a new form with specifications for the serverless environment, for automation and tool for the process of the software development. After completing the DevOps course the experienced trainers will help with the DevOps Certification Chennai. DevOps tool supports the software development in the cloud environment where the coordination between the different departments is given more importance. Let me discuss in detail about how DevOps is used for the software development.   As the software industry is captivated by regular changes in the form of version change and new tools to manage multiple processes DevOps is invented to tackle the changes in the software industry. Cloud technology is the most accepted technology as it safeguards the data from failures. The open source product restores the entire container without any data loss.

Docker Tool:

Docker tool is used for the containerization and this tool gives the correct picture of the stage of the development with configuration management. Different apps are stored in a different container which is easy for the regular updating and also for the flexibility of using multiple programming languages and multiple deployment platforms to the technology. Rather than spending time and money on different PAAS systems, it’s the recent trend to use the docker tool. This docker tool is cloud-agnostic and is suitable for the regular changes in the software industry. Big data is used to process a huge data. Machine learning is used to capture the online data with security. DevOps help to measure the strengths and weakness of your data analysis with regular updating. DevOps is used for software development, collaborative coding support, continuous integration, automated testing along with deployment, and problem tracking in the cloud environment. Let us get ready for the DevOps culture. See the following points which say about the areas to focus on getting into the DevOps culture. DevOps Training in Chennai is the best course to clear the interview questions in the MNC.

1. Configuration management:

 Infrastructure is represented as a code to validate the testing and deployment issues. For the cloud environment, IAC definitions are important to have a stable environment. Manual configuration and the coding configuration differ with respect to the runtime issues. After the practical oriented training from the best training institutes, it is easy to clear the DevOps certification.

2. Coding knowledge

In a cloud environment as different tools are used for DevOps tool, the testers should have coding knowledge. Manual testing is replaced by automated testing in DevOps. Manual configuration and manual testing are totally outdated after the introduction of the DevOps technology. Implementation of DevOps improves the speed of the testing and also the quality of testing. Implementation of DevOps demand for the resources and financial burden also still for long run DevOps yields a good result.

3. Paas is not needed

Deployment is the most challenging task in the cloud environment as there are so many services widely distributed in the infrastructure. The role of the development, operations and the deployment are assembled together in a tool.


Join the DevOps course in Chennai to get the required skills for the future jobs. DevOps is the suitable course for the professionals with development experience, testing experience, and the operations experience. Doing changes and fixing the bug is the continuous process in the software development lifecycle.