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Personal Development 478 views Sep 04, 2018
Before & After Tips for Laser Hair Removal

Laser skin treatment is currently trending because of its instant results for multiple issues. People have started shifting towards light therapies and avoiding cosmetics because of their unpredicted results. Laser treatment clinics can be seen in all small and big cities worldwide, still many people hesitate to visit there. The main reason for hesitation is suspense regarding its effectiveness and harmful consequences. Laser was once used for industrial purpose, but now it is transforming beauty products industry in a controlled environment. With the help of several filters in machine of best laser hair removal in Melbourne, the risk of any negative impact has reduced to an extent. Precautions are still necessary for personal safety. As a new user, you must be suspicious regarding many aspects. This article will guide you with some essential tips that must be known to everyone.

Laser Hair Removal Melbourne

Tips To Follow Before Laser Hair Removal

Permanent hair removal is the primary objective of every lady who cannot wear her favourite dresses. Even men are also showing interest in permanent hair removal from body parts like chest and shoulders. Before visiting for a treatment session, you must be aware of some facts such as:-

1) Do not use any hair removing cream or wax 3 weeks before treatment. Also, laser clinics in Melbourne suggest avoiding bleaching because it lightens the hair pigment and laser cannot eradicate follicles effectively. Simply, shave the area with a regular razor that doesn’t affect inner roots.

2) Tanned skin is highly prone to burn marks and scars after treatment. Avoid using any tanning lotion. Especially, hide the body area from direct sun exposure that you want to treat with laser. Body or facial scrub is also preferred 1 week before treatment.

Tips To Follow After Laser Hair Removal Treatment

1) After hair removal treatment with laser, some activities are entirely restricted for next 2 days. Avoid hydration activities including sauna, Jacuzzi, hot shower, bath and swimming. It may be uncomfortable but essential to prevent from side effects.

2) Do not wear tight clothes that rub with skin and cause rashes. Also, avoid scratching on the treated part if you feel itching. It may cause redness and blistering.

3) The experts of Melbourne laser hair removal suggest the use of sunscreen while going outside or even avoid sun exposure completely for 2 to 3 days after treatment. If feeling itchiness, apply Aloe Vera gel on the treated spot.

 How Laser Beam Eliminate Unwanted Hair

Laser is a revolutionary invention that can be used for multiple purposes from industrial cutting to beauty treatment. The machines used at laser clinics in Melbourne for beauty treatment haveutmost safety features that control the intensity of light. Its sensors identify the sensitivity of skin and automatically change intensity. Laser is a narrow spectrum of a single wavelength that is much concentrated than an IPL machine. When the light enters dermis layer, it destroys follicle which is also called hair root. If you want permanent hair removal, it is essential to have multiple sessions. One session only slows down the growth. Irritation and redness are most common symptoms that almost every person faces. This inconvenience persists for the first time only, in second or third session, skin adopts laser impact.

Laser is a dangerous technology that may cause several damages to the body if not used sustainably. Also, a low-grade laser machine with inadequate safety measures can cause damage more than benefit. Always prefer a certified clinic like Melbourne Laser & Aesthetic Centre where high-qualified experts are available to consult and treat you.