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Shopping 356 views Oct 09, 2018
Large slices of film appeared in different regions

Large slices of the film appeared in different regions and related factories.


Large slice (resin cutting grinding wheel with diameter greater than 300 mm) film, mainly in the China high efficient grinding disc cooled out of the furnace to detect the appearance of the two hands flat when the direction of the diameter wobble, bending obviously feel soft; At the same time, when the use of grinding wheel cutting performance for the grinding wheel yaw, flange holding force is not enough, serious bouncing block And broken.


Large chip is also a long-term technical problem for resin abrasive tool manufacturers. The main reason is the uneven stress in the hardening process of the Cheap metal grinding disc.


The manufacturer of resin grinding wheel should pay attention to the influence of environment and climate on the production of resin China grinding abrasive disc, formulate corresponding measures in time, select suitable phenolic resin varieties reasonably, increase the uniformity of mixture, and adjust the hardening process in time to make it more suitable for the complete hardening of phenolic resin.


The above problems are emphasized, and the problem of the film is avoided.