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Society 626 views Oct 01, 2018
Friend Zoned: Russian Style

Being placed in the friend zone is romantic rejection plain and simple. Some are surprised to hear that such a thing exists with Russian women as well. Obviously, the process of friend zoning for a Russian woman is a bit different from what you’re used to, but the result is the same. Quite often the connection starts as one with romantic potential and then a woman decides that you’re better off as friends. The thing is, Russian women are quite different, so it can be difficult to determine if you’ve been friend zoned Russian style. Here are the signs.

She Says Something Like, “I Think We’re Gonna Be Great Friends!”

Ouch! This can hurt any man’s ego, but Russian women do not mince words. Unlike other women, they are extremely straightforward. If a woman sees you as a friend, she sees you as a friend. Although true, this isn’t the end of the road. Think about it. How many times have people fallen for a friend? It happens all the time so don’t be immediately discouraged if you hear this. After a woman gets to know you she may change her mind, especially if you’re the strong yet sensitive alpha male who she has been looking for.

She Talks to You About Other Guys

Russian women do not have many male friends so when she finds one, the average Russian woman is pretty happy about it. Obviously, you’re not but she will really value being able to talk to a man to get an honest male perspective on things. For Russian women, this is like insider information on all things pertaining to the male mind. A woman may talk about a man she recently met, a date she has coming up and so on. If she does, it’s safe to say that you’re in the friend zone. The Russian women niche, particularly online, produces an array of relationships. Some find romance while others connect as friends. If you’re friend zoned, you may find that a new friend is just what you needed in your life.

She Doesn’t Fish for Compliments

When a Russian woman is romantically interested in a man she will call things to his attention in the hopes of getting a compliment or two. Russian women like when men notice the efforts they put into their appearance. If you notice the woman you’re talking to doesn’t do this, she has probably placed you in the friend zone. An even bigger sign is her not putting in the extra effort if you plan to see each other face to face. When Russian women want to impress a man, they go all out. As for when one sees a man as a friend, she will still look nice (that is the Russian way) yet the additional effort will be lacking. In other words, a woman will appear much more casual.

She Calls You a Good Friend

A Russian woman can’t be more direct than this. If she says this there’s no doubt that she likes you. She just doesn’t like you in the way that you may have hoped. What you decide to do because of this discouraging realization is up to you.

Now that we’ve talked about the signs that you’ve been friend zoned by a Russian woman, it’s time to go over how to get out of the zone. Below are a few tips:

Share your true feelings.
The only way a woman will know how you feel about her is if you tell her. She may share your feelings but didn’t want to say anything because she either thought you didn’t see her in a romantic way or saw you as a friend at first then her feelings changed over time.
Ask her for advice about other women.

Russian women often grow up in a competitive environment. Women are always competing and once a woman knows that there is someone else in your life, the realization may bring her romantic feelings for you to the surface. When men and women are friends and there is no mention of significant others, everything is fine. Then, when someone else comes into the picture, they realize those feelings of friendship was something more.

Make yourself scarce.
Distance can make the heart grow fonder when you’re in the friend zone. Once you’re not always there for her, you may become the only man she can think of.

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