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Relationships 1,024 views Sep 11, 2018
Tips to Get the Best Results at a Russian Women Speed Dating Ev

Speed dating in Russia is a new alternative that dating agencies offer clients. When you think about it, the concept is brilliant. Men looking for Russian women not only get to travel but take part in an event that gives them a chance to be face to face with many Russian women. If you’re reading this, you’re likely interested in attending one of these events or have already booked your ticket and will be attending one soon. Obviously, if you’re making the effort to travel for such an event, you want to make the most out of the opportunity. Below are five tips to get the best results at a Russian women speed dating event.

Dress Well

Just don’t dress too well. During the speed dating process, you want to impress every woman who you’re sitting across from. This is actually the first step to staying on her mind and having her mark your number down on her card. Slacks, a nice shirt, and equally nice shoes are the way to go. Also, don’t forget your hair and basic grooming. That paired with your natural good looks will work in your favor. Many events even have a dress code for their attendees to follow. If so, make sure to follow it. Some even go formal to make the event even more special.

Think of a Few Good Questions in Advance

Speed dating is about speed meaning dates are over before you know it so come prepared. Think of a few questions you would like to ask. Open-ended questions are best when talking to Russian women since they help conversation flow naturally. Better yet, a few good questions will avoid the ones that can potentially make you come off as creepy like, “What is a pretty girl like you doing speed dating?”

Say Her Name

This tip is gold. When you’re talking to a woman you’re attracted to at a speed dating event, say her name a few times during the conversation. Three to four times will do. Along with immediately taking control of the conversation which Russian women love, saying a woman’s name combined with the kind words that follow triggers emotion. Follow a woman’s name with compliments, humor and other positive language and they will feel positive. By activating positive emotions, you boost their attraction to you because women naturally want to be around men who make them feel good.

Try Some Casual Touch

Russians communicate a bit differently than others. They tend to talk closely, speak softly and touch while talking. If the chemistry is there, use casual touch to start building a physical connection. Just remember to proceed with caution and watch for social cues. If a woman seems closed off and doesn’t seem into you, keep your hands to yourself.

Properly Say Goodbye

Speed dates often end on an awkward note, so pairs miss out on proper goodbyes. Usually conversations end mid-sentence then it’s on to the next. If the woman you were talking to is absolutely stunning, take the reins, let her complete her sentence or finish yours and properly say goodbye. Any Russian woman will be beyond impressed. The woman will also feel special if you delay the flow of things just to give her a little extra attention. If it feels right, even go in for a hug.

Take Notes

You want to take notes on your scorecard to ensure that you remember either the names or numbers of the women you like. It is common to forget or get confused and mark your card incorrectly. Then, you might find yourself matched with women you aren’t interested in and your speed dating experience goes down the drain. Worst of all, you’ve wasted your time which defeats the purpose of speed dating since the concept was designed for busy singles who don’t have much time to devote to their love lives.

Follow the advice provided and you will get the best results from a speed dating event. What it comes down to is making quality connections. Furthermore, remember that speed dating is a numbers game so do what you can to improve your odds. Along with the tips discussed, be sure to relax and have fun. When relaxed, your best qualities come through thus enhancing the impression you make on the Russian women at the event.

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