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Relationships 2,924 views Aug 29, 2018
How to get acquainted and hook up with a Korean girl

There is a moment in every man’s life when he wants to try dating a Korean girl. You still think it’s not your type? Think again! They are pretty, cute, slim, playful, fun, and childish – but in a good way. Korean women perfectly know their power of looking very young in any age – men like that! It’s hard to say, where the mentality ends and the game begins – but they like to behave like half-innocent, half-naughty kids. Some find it refreshing and some annoying!

But the opinion prevails these women are unique and entertaining. Experienced men recommend to date a Korean girl at least once in your life because it’s unforgettable. Let’s see why!

Modern Korean women are well-educated and usually have careers. So they expect their men to give them something they cannot buy by themselves. Expensive brand-new purses, dresses, shoes, watches and cosmetics included! But they are very giving as well. It’s hard to call them selfish. It’s true that they prefer financially stable and prestigious men but if you are only on your way to success, they will always support you with advice, splitting the bill, and presenting you nice things. All this happens if you respect them and remain a great friend and lover.

They are spontaneous and unexpected in their daily life but also extremely resourceful and imaginative in a bed. They enjoy trying different costumes and roles. They also gladly cook for their man or enjoy his company in a nice restaurant. Watch out as some typical Korean dishes may be too exotic for you!

Of course, they have their expectations and hopes just like any other women. They are rather monogamous and faithful and they want to eventually get married, travel to their man’s country. If it’s not possible because you had different plans, it might upset them a lot. It’s always better to be fair and discuss things together.

At the same time, a certain group of Korean women tend to stay immature for ages. They aren’t ready to start a family or have kids and they are ok with just dating. But regardless, all Korean women become very attached to their partner and have most romantic feelings towards him. She likes to give and receive little surprises such as love letters in your pocket or a teddy bear on your table. Appreciate those moments as most of women in the world are so materialistic and ignorant.

In general, Korean girls like absolutely everything about an idea of having a foreign boyfriend except his leaving to his own country when the time comes. Aside of that, they are curious to touch him, kiss him, and of course taste him in all other meanings. However, even when they are very much in love, it’s hard to call them passionate. They are not only submissive but totally passive and let you rule – unless they watched some educative movies for women and try to be active. Maybe this is what turns you on, but some men admit that sleeping with a Korean girl is like being with a beautiful plastic doll. You’re lucky if your girl is humorous though: they manage to make you laugh even during sex.

Korean girls like a man to take care of them on every step, especially when it comes to relationship. It can be cute on the beginning, but after you suddenly realize they didn’t take responsibility for birth control, she is never patient when you’re busy or not answering the phone, and she is going to make revenge on you if you decide to disappear. Her helpless attitude quickly turns to a cruel strategy. Better keep your contacts away from her eyes from the beginning, otherwise she’ll save them and will call with complaints to your parents, your friends, and even your boss.

Jealousy is not something that can warm up your communication. It’s crucial to never blame her for talking to other guys and never give her a reason to be jealous. Otherwise your sweet evening is ruined and probably all next weeks too.
Now you know what’s good and bad about dating a Korean girl, and it will be easy for you to make a choice.

How to Date Korean Girl?!