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  • 03 Sep 2018
    Kaspersky antivirus is the most sought antivirus application that is used by millions of users across the globe. This software is available in a free version as well as a paid version and please note that free version is available just for a month. You can download its free version by visiting the official site of Kaspersky and some of its features remain lock in a free version. If you wish you can also install this application on your PC with the help of a CD. So, we are here today to explain to you the steps to install this application with the help of a CD. It’s a very simple procedure and in case, you need any assistance then make a call on Kaspersky support number to connect with experts. Experts will guide you to complete this process.Steps to follow: First turn on your PC and in case, you already have an antivirus installed on your PC then you need to remove it.You need to download and install all files of this antivirus by visiting the official website of Kaspersky and then run it. Insert the disc in the case; you have purchased a retail version of this antivirus application. If its installation process doesn’t start automatically, no worries, you can start this process manually.On the next step, you have to click on “Install”.On the next screen, you need to accept the license term agreement by clicking on a box, you need to accept the terms and condition to complete this installation process.You can accept the KSN statement and if you wish you have to tick mark its box in order to accept it.When you install this application on your PC then you may get user account control window where you need to click on “Yes”.Now, wait for some moments until this process gets completed and please confirm that you have selected “Start Kaspersky antivirus” checkbox and then you need to click on “Finish”.Once this installation process gets completed then run this application and then activate it.With these steps, you can easily install this application with a CD, in case, require some help then contact Kaspersky support team.   
    298 Posted by Amelia Theron
  • 03 Oct 2018
    When it comes to the bizarre list of antivirus programs, Bitdefender makes sure to turn the users head with its versatile features. It is one of the most sought-after antivirus programs in the global market of growing internet users and their demands. It safeguards your device against all possible internet menaces, whether it means protecting your device from hackers or shielding it from regular spams. This application is much needed in a world where cybercrime is putting its foot forward every day. Make sure to follow these steps mentioned below to get this programme on your device and get an all protection against any kind of threat. You can also request for assistance from their support team, in case you are finding issues with this process. Experts will make sure they reach out for help in no time and provide you an enriching customer support service.     Steps to follow:   First of all, turn on your computer and make sure that you are having an active internet connection before proceeding further. Visit and navigate to the Bitdefender central. Then, on the left side of the screen, you will see the 'my subscriptions ' panel. Click on it. Afterward, look out for the 'activation code' button there and immediately enter your code in the space provided. Then, click on the activate button provided on the screen. Finally, you will receive an instant message on your screen stating that subscription has been activated. Do not use this activation code again if you ever install this product from this account again.   These steps will help you in getting Bitdefender antivirus subscription on your computer and protecting your device against any future problem. If you find any other complication or get somewhere stuck in this procedure, then contact the team of Bitdefender antivirus support Australia for a whirlwind response. They are procured to reach out to their users and remove every obstacle or hindrance that they find with the product. They will make sure that their users find the best solutions to their problems in no time. Source
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  • 09 Oct 2018
    Brother printers have been manufacturing printers for all purposes for a long time and have gained a humongous popularity in the tech market. This company constantly tends to innovate its printers to match the growing pace of this outer world. To attract customers who find it difficult to sit on one stop getting their printing job done, the brand came up with a series of wi-fi enabled printers to make this task easier. This makes it really easy to print in one corner of the building while your system is on some other corner. But first, you need to connect your printer to your local network to initiate this process.  Follow these steps mentioned below to initiate the same. You can also ask for technical support from Brother helpdesk number Australia in case of any trouble getting your network connected to a device. Steps to follow: Learn to access your router's interface and then write down router's SSID number, encryption key, authentication mode etc. in the interface of the browser. Connect your printer to the router using your ethernet cable. This step is to be taken only for the first time. Put the installation CD in your computer's drive and run the setup program.  Select 'Wireless Setup And Driver Install' and then click on 'Step By Step Install.' Double click on 'next' button after clicking 'with cable' button. Check a list of available network devices and select options which begin with 'BRN.' Click on the wireless network having your router's SSID. Enter details filled in steps 1 once again. Then, agree on terms of the license agreement and disconnect your cable initiated. Look for a radio button which is labeled 'Search The Network For Devices And Choose From A List Of Discovered Devices,' and choose your printer from this list. Use your installation CD to install essential drivers on other systems if they also use this device. In the setup program, select 'driver install only' to complete this process. The above series of steps will help you in connecting your printer to the system effortlessly. If the printer is not getting connected to the router or if there is any other problem, then contact brother printer support for an instant solution to this problem.                                                                                                   Source
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  • 24 Sep 2018
    Wireless printers have made the work easy for every user; HP Printers come with such functionality and one take benefit from this feature. This given tutorial will help you in making this process simple for you. Use these given steps to set up a wireless connection of your print machine with your PC. You can also ask an expert at hp tech support Australia. Steps to follow: Using a wireless router First, make sure that your PC’s wireless card is in an active condition and another thing you need to check if your router is turned ON. Once you are done with this part, you need to insert your print machine’s HP setup CD you receive with your machine. When its CD appears, next, you need to click “Install Network/Wireless Device” and follow installer’s directions. Next, connect a USB installer cable to your PC and print machine when its installer asks you to do so. After that, you need to press “Finish” to complete this installation, and to open a document and to print it. Use an Ad Hoc Network First, it is required to check that your PC and print machine’s wireless signals are both active. (This is actually indicated by a light “radio tower” icon or a similar symbol.) Next, you need to open your PC’s control panel and then, you have to choose “Network and Internet.” After that, you need to press on “Connect to a network” that you can find under a “Network and Sharing Center” heading. You can choose a network “hp-setup” from a list of available networks. When you do so, you need to install the printer software using the steps from section 1 and you need to open a document and you can print a test page. Following these steps, making the connection of HP print machine gets easy for you. In case, you come across any troubled situation during this process, then, you can make a call to hp customer support service phone number. Experts are reachable at every snapshot of the day and one can connect with them at any point in time. To Know More So Visit Our Website:-                                                                       Original Source:
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Technology 453 views Oct 10, 2018
How to detach the Norton toolbars?

Norton antivirus has been popular for making an individual's virtual life so much safe and secure without causing a drastic impact on their pocket or their system speed. This program comes with a series of features to revolutionize your experience on internet world, whether its anti-phishing protection or a secure data encryption, each feature is sure to blow away your mind. This security programs combat a bazillion features and ensures a safe and protected environment for their virtuality users. Sometimes, users might prefer to get rid of their Norton toolbar for installing certain operating system updates or any other work. The below-mentioned tutorial shall help you in doing so. Also, you can contact Norton support number for any further information regarding this program. Experts are trained professionals who work with a major motive of creating and maintaining a satisfied customer base. They will ensure that their services are as good as their product and are available to all customers whenever they are required.

Steps to follow:

Double-click and open the Internet Explorer browser.

Click on 'manage add-ons' after clicking on the 'tools' icon placed on the top of the screen.

Mention the name of your Norton toolbar.

On the lower left corner of computer screen, you will find START button, click on it and then select Run.

Use code 'regsvr32 /u \"C:\Program Files\Symantec\filename.\" Replace \"filename\' along with the name of your toolbar.

Click on 'enter' key

Double click on Norton icon in your system tray. This will show up a Norton security suite software.

Then, press 'settings.' Then, uncurb the box placed next to 'phishing protection.'

Reopen your PC. You will find that your Norton toolbar has been deactivated.

Your guide to detach the toolbar ends here but do activate the toolbar soon after to avoid any internet threat that may attack your system or corrupt your files. If there is any other issue regarding the antivirus program, then call to Norton support number Australia. Experts will make sure that there is no defacement to the brand due to their service response.