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Technology 367 views Oct 09, 2018
How To Connect Your Brother Printer To Your Local Internet Netw

Brother printers have been manufacturing printers for all purposes for a long time and have gained a humongous popularity in the tech market. This company constantly tends to innovate its printers to match the growing pace of this outer world. To attract customers who find it difficult to sit on one stop getting their printing job done, the brand came up with a series of wi-fi enabled printers to make this task easier. This makes it really easy to print in one corner of the building while your system is on some other corner. But first, you need to connect your printer to your local network to initiate this process.  Follow these steps mentioned below to initiate the same. You can also ask for technical support from Brother helpdesk number Australia in case of any trouble getting your network connected to a device.

Steps to follow:

  • Learn to access your router's interface and then write down router's SSID number, encryption key, authentication mode etc. in the interface of the browser.
  • Connect your printer to the router using your ethernet cable. This step is to be taken only for the first time.
  • Put the installation CD in your computer's drive and run the setup program.  Select 'Wireless Setup And Driver Install' and then click on 'Step By Step Install.'
  • Double click on 'next' button after clicking 'with cable' button. Check a list of available network devices and select options which begin with 'BRN.'
  • Click on the wireless network having your router's SSID. Enter details filled in steps 1 once again.
  • Then, agree on terms of the license agreement and disconnect your cable initiated. Look for a radio button which is labeled 'Search The Network For Devices And Choose From A List Of Discovered Devices,' and choose your printer from this list.
  • Use your installation CD to install essential drivers on other systems if they also use this device. In the setup program, select 'driver install only' to complete this process.

The above series of steps will help you in connecting your printer to the system effortlessly. If the printer is not getting connected to the router or if there is any other problem, then contact brother printer support for an instant solution to this problem.