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Technology 261 views Oct 03, 2018
How to activate subscription for the Bitdefender antivirus on a

When it comes to the bizarre list of antivirus programs, Bitdefender makes sure to turn the users head with its versatile features. It is one of the most sought-after antivirus programs in the global market of growing internet users and their demands. It safeguards your device against all possible internet menaces, whether it means protecting your device from hackers or shielding it from regular spams. This application is much needed in a world where cybercrime is putting its foot forward every day. Make sure to follow these steps mentioned below to get this programme on your device and get an all protection against any kind of threat. You can also request for assistance from their support team, in case you are finding issues with this process. Experts will make sure they reach out for help in no time and provide you an enriching customer support service.



Steps to follow:


  • First of all, turn on your computer and make sure that you are having an active internet connection before proceeding further.
  • Visit and navigate to the Bitdefender central.
  • Then, on the left side of the screen, you will see the 'my subscriptions ' panel. Click on it.
  • Afterward, look out for the 'activation code' button there and immediately enter your code in the space provided.
  • Then, click on the activate button provided on the screen.
  • Finally, you will receive an instant message on your screen stating that subscription has been activated. Do not use this activation code again if you ever install this product from this account again.


These steps will help you in getting Bitdefender antivirus subscription on your computer and protecting your device against any future problem. If you find any other complication or get somewhere stuck in this procedure, then contact the team of Bitdefender antivirus support Australia for a whirlwind response. They are procured to reach out to their users and remove every obstacle or hindrance that they find with the product. They will make sure that their users find the best solutions to their problems in no time.