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Other 444 views Oct 09, 2018
China Pet Preform Manufacturers Choose The Appropriate Producti

In the field of product development and manufacturing, 3D printing and injection molding are almost universally considered to be among the best available methods. While these methods are versatile and well suited for many situations and uses, they vary widely in several ways: method, material, volume, cost, and best application – just a 5-gallon Pet Preform example.
As an entrepreneur, new product developer or engineer, you probably know that 3D printing and injection molding are definitely two options you should research and pursue to create your product or prototype and understand some of the key differences between the two. Very important. First, they operate in a completely different way. Let us briefly outline what this means.
Injection molding and 3D printing: What are they?
Injection molding involves injecting a heated liquefied plastic material into a mold that contains a 3D "negative film" that can be thought of as your part: when the liquefied plastic fills the mold cavity, it forms and forms your part. . Once the mold cavity is filled, the substrate is allowed to cool and resolidify and then drained from the mold for inspection and dispensing.
Injection molding machines cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to facilitate the entire cycle: material loading, injection, cooling and parts removal. Injection molds are almost always custom made of steel, aluminum or other metals to fit the specifications of a particular part, and they are split into two halves so they can be pushed out separately. In addition to the cavity having the "negative" shape of the part, the mold also contains a hollow area called a "flow path" for conveying the molten material into the cavity.
The 3D printing process works much differently than injection molding. The size, shape, and other physical characteristics of the product are loaded into the 3D printer through CAD drawings or other compatible files, rather than forming the part through a preformed mold. The machine then builds parts from the ground and processes the thin lines of plastic substrates that are transported through the machine.
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