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Shopping 151 views Sep 15, 2018

Perhaps you find that you are curious about wearing kilts but are not too eager to throw on a traditionally styled one quite yet. The Ferguson tartan colours are green, navy blue, black, red and white. You want a kilt that is more casual, able to be worn around town or with a semi-dress.

you aren't ready to fully commit to a classic kilt, and with the Ferguson Tartan Kilt, you don't have to. This contemporary kilt looks great with any sort of attire. It features eye-catching bright lavender stripes that seem to jump right out of the kilt. .This made-to-measure kilt is pleated down one side and has an adjustable strap for your comfort. Rust-resistant buckles are included for the attachment of a sporran and other accessories. Ferguson tartan kilt is made out of the finest quality acrylic wool.