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10 views Oct 09, 2018
Sheenstar Technology Introduces Flexible and Affordable Bottle

China, (October 09, 2018) – The need for clean drinking water has risen as a serious cause of concern, something that packaged drinking water companies are trying to solve by making cheaper options available for all in the market. And helping these companies achieve their goal is Zhengjiagang based bottled water filling machine manufacturer, Sheenstar Technology Co. Ltd. that has put in appreciable efforts in the direction of designing productivity enhancing bottling and packing solutions.

Sheenstar Technology Co. Ltd. has years of experience in the world of manufacturing technologically superior bottling and packing equipments that stand out in terms of efficiency and quality. The company currently has an exhaustive list of clients from all over the world that appears to get longer by the passing seasons. At this very moment, Sheenstar Technology Co. Ltd supplies to water bottling plants in prime destinations in the Middle East, South America, Africa, South Asia and more.

One of the most appreciable aspects of Sheenstar Technology has got everything to do with their ability to customize the products in tune with the specifications and individual requirements of respective bottling units. The water filling machines are also capable of handling all types of bottles be it plastic, metal or glass which has thoroughly contributed to enhancing their relevance with bottled water filling plants to very significant extents.

As has been expressed by the research and development team of Sheenstar Technology Co. Ltd. the company endeavors to maintain an unsurpassable research and development team that works the year round to develop more productive, cost effective and bottling solutions that competing companies may take years to match.

Besides glass / PET bottle water bottling lines and machine systems, Sheenstar Technology Co. Ltd. also manufactures a wide selection of other equipments like water treatment purification system, milk / oil / wine / beer filling machine, automatic shrink-packaging machines, plastic injection molding machines, automatic, shrink packaging machine, barrel water filling machine etc with the best of technical inputs and customization advantages.

While the nature and quality of the water filling and packaging equipments have gained wide popularity with clients the world over, Sheenstar Technology Co. Ltd. has also gone a long way in the direction of maintain faultlessness in their services which has been mentioned as a key factor in maintaining unflinching trust of clients through the years.

About Sheenstar Technology Co. Ltd:
Sheenstar Technology Co. Ltd is a leading China based manufacturer and supplier of bottle filling machines and equipments and ships to all major destinations across the world. The company has risen in popularity for offering comprehensive and customizable water filling machines that are superior in technology and approachable in terms of pricing.

Prospective buyers that wish to learn more about Sheenstar Technology in terms of products and prices can visit for information.

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  • 08 Sep 2018
    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (September 08, 2018) – Playing with words is something many people from around the world loves. To help them quench their thirst for English and Arabic languages, Mr. Ahmed Saleh has created the Genuises Battle Game. This game has been designed using the concept of the word-game that many people have played in their childhood days. Now, Mr. Ahmed has posted a project in Zoomaal seeking the support for his crowdfunding initiative towards this game. The Arabic version of the game and also the English version is in the development process. Here is a small YouTube video showing how the game will look like: Now, he has started a crowdfunding campaign seeking support of game enthusiasts to extend their support at Zoomaal. He says “Back us on Zoomaal, and help let us make Geniuses Battle Game a reality! Thank you, everyone, for your support”. He has promised that with the support he gets for this campaign, he will soon publish the English and Arabic version of the Game in Google store for Android users and in App Store for iOS users. Apart from publishing, with the funds he raises from the campaign, he will engage in the development of the second version. The second version of the game will have lot more features and bonuses. He will also continue to develop the more versions, which will be more exciting to play. This game is going to be a mind tease game and users are sure to get a great mind exercise when they play it. Further, they will get the chance to play with their friends virtually on Facebook. Even, they have the option to compete against other genius players online in the Geniuses Battle Game. With a random alphabet generator system, this game will keep the players guessed about the alphabet they can expect next. Using the given alphabet, they will have to complete all fields like human name, place, animal, plant, thing and country. This is a game that many people would have played in their childhood in the name of “Human, Place, Animal, Thing and Place”. For instance, if a player gets the letter D, the human should be like Dan, Animal should be like Duck, for plant it can be daisy and for thing, it can be door, while for place, it can be Denmark. Now, it is going to beautify the smartphones of game enthusiasts shortly with the efforts of Mr. Ahmed Saleh. Mr. Ahmed Saleh with a view to bringing this game into a reality has posted a crowd-funding campaign at Zoomaal. Again, coming back to the features of the game, players have the option to use the online verification system, where they can verify the answers for the alphabets given by other players. Most importantly, they will get rewards if they win over others. The most important aspect of this interesting word-game is that it is going to support both English and Arabic languages. As the development process is 70% over, he needs funds to make it 100%. So, people interested in seeing this game can extend their support at Zoomaal, either by making a financial contribution or by spreading a word out about the crowdfunding campaign on their social media pages. For those interested in testing the game or register for the beta version of the game, they can register for the same at the website of the game at About Mr. Ahmed Saleh:Mr. Ahmed Saleh is a software engineer and a product development manager with 7 years of experience in the software, web and mobile application development. To learn more about the Geniuses Battle game and its features and future plans of the developer, please visit the Campaign Page at: ###
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    (October 01, 2018) - Rajat Jain is the founder of ShootOrder, a top digital marketing agency in India. He is among the best digital marketing consultant in India professionals who has recently started his blog for contributing to the digital marketing community. He has set up his blog SPEAKRJ to share his knowledge and expertise of Digital Marketing, and contribute to the industry. An expert digital marketing professional, Rajat has started the blog to share his tips and tricks about Content Marketing, Web Analytics, Growth Hacking, Social Media, Paid Search, SEO and more, as well as his personal experiences about the digital marketing industry. Unlike the majority of other digital marketing experts in different domains of the industry, he depends on thoughts that are based on evidence and not on intuition or experience. He also relies on work processes that are supported by scientific techniques. Rajat Jain has based his digital marketing company on a philosophy that results from a culture imbibed in the committed labor force of ShootOrder and various sister companies. Jain helps boost the digital marketing campaigns of various organizations that range from startup companies to top brands. He is also an expert at fixing the courses of proven marketing campaigns or in guiding brand campaigns that are at a nascent stage. Jain is an expert at applying scientific digital marketing methods, and has developed various techniques and algorithms as well as ensured automation of numerous industry processes. His organization has developed various tools, such as a social media post scheduler, a social analytic tool, a link indexing tool, an email marketing automation tool and a SEO site auditor. Other than developing different types of tools, Rajat Jain is also known for his Guerrilla Marketing expertise. He is an expert in Blitzkrieg Marketing, Price-Point Hiking and many more services, which helps in building the fortunes of brands. Through his blog, he aims to reach out to more number of people and organizations. As a major digital marketing consultant in India with many years of expertise, Rajat has solid industry knowledge and skills that help him offer the best solutions to startup as well as establish brands. He expects that his blog will also help people who are interested in making a mark in the digital marketing domain and making a mark as professionals themselves with the skills, tips and tricks that are shared on the blog. SPEAKRJ is a powerful attempt of Jain to help countless industry professionals as well as new entrants who hope to make their presence felt as professionals in the coming years. Rajat invites people to contact him for any enquiries associated to feedback, advertisement, events, public speaking and more. About Rajat Jain:Rajat Jain is a top digital marketing expert in India who has set up ShootOrder, a major digital marketing agency in India. He is a Social Media Expert, Digital Marketing Consultant and Innovator. For further information and enquiries, please visit Media Contact:Contact Person: Rajat JainFacebook Messenger: rajatjain32Twitter: @speakrj. ###
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    London, (September 06, 2018) -, a leading online casino affiliate website that offer online casino reviews and bonuses, slot game reviews and user guides as well as industry news has added another milestone to its growing brand. Just this August, HitCasinoBonus launched its own casual and social slot game, Jewel & Gems Wilds Slot, which is available for download on Google Play. With this new social gaming app, casual players can expect a different kind of casino entertainment which can be played for free anytime, anywhere. Updated as of August 28, 2018, and on its 1.0 version, this game clearly captures the affiliate’s brand position: a commitment to player entertainment and satisfaction. It’s a world of jewels and gems set against a tropical landscape in the background. With this theme alone, casino enthusiasts and casual players will find this new slot game exciting and truly entertaining. The game is presented with a 3 by 5 playing grid with all the standard features that define traditional slot entertainment. For this brand new slot game, players will be treated to an explosion of treasure and wealth complete with wilds, stacks, mystery symbols, in-game multipliers, super symbols and free spins mode. While playing the game, players will be treated with a relaxing fusion of colors which is just perfect for a casual player looking for a game with loads of fun elements. The game is also loaded with standard slot features like Auto Play, Max Bet button, and a paytable that players can check at any time. Casual Slot Game for the Casual Players and Enthusiasts Designed as a social game, Jewel & Gems Wilds Slot is developed by an in-house creative team at HitCasinoBonus and offers a lot of fun opportunities without worrying about risks of losing money. As a social game, playing the game does not require the use of money as wagers; in fact - it’s not even possible! Instead, enthusiastic players can simply visit the Google Play Store, download the app and start playing the game anywhere, anytime. In short, this HitCasinoBonus slots is a win-win choice for casual players - play the game without having to worry about the bankroll. This social slot game is available for phones running on Android, with a minimum system requirement of 4.1. In-app purchases are also available which can help boost the gaming experience. HitCasinoBonus, One of the First Affiliates to Launch Branded Slots As a social slot game, Jewel & Gems Wilds Slot is a free play game, and ready for download from Google Play Store. The app developer takes no responsibility or liability with regards to the legal requirements related to the use of the app, and it's understood that players are at least 18 years of age and have complied with the other requirements relevant to the regions or jurisdictions where they reside. But once installed on your Android device, this social slot game will certainly offer a memorable gaming experience courtesy of wilds, bonus, free spins and bonus features ready to be unlocked! About in 2016, HitCasinoBonus has established a one-stop portal for online casino. It currently offers casino reviews, industry news and free to play slot games from some of the top software providers. Jewel & Gems Wilds Slot by HitCasinoBonus is available through Google Play, making it one of the first few affiliates to achieve this milestone. As an active online casino stakeholder, HitCasinoBonus is committed to Responsible Gaming through its Responsible Gaming Manifesto. To learn more about the site, have a look at or you can connect with the team through Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and other social channels using @hitcasinobonus. Media Contact:Jon Roth +44723630355press@daddydigital.mediaAddress: 202 Regent St Soho, Regent Street, W1B 5BN, London, UK###
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  • 24 Aug 2018
    (August 24, 2018) - An online marketplace, Software Streets is the best platform for discussions on software applications. It is known to provide users with comprehensive and full information on the newest mobile apps, programs and software applications. On Software Streets, software firms post lists about system solutions and software products regularly. Thus, anyone who needs to understand about the best and latest software systems can check out Software Streets. The platform works as the best resource for customers to contact software sellers, and get the best value for the money that they spend. Software Streets has an important role in improving the prospects of the Indian software industry and helps software vendors and buyers to enter into a long strategic relationship. Software Streets can serve as the best platform for anyone who wants to conduct some important market research prior to the purchase of a specific software product. This is a user-friendly website and new content is regularly posted to ensure that prospective vendors and buyers of software can get complete information about various kinds of applications. The platform has top distribution software such as ProducerOne, Agn DMS, Automan, Fundcare, FMCG Software, DistributorCare, Bizom DMS, Miracle Account, Rootstock Software and JDA Intelligent Fulfillment. Software Streets works as a reliable online marketplace and helps buyers get in touch with sellers and wholesale distributors of software apps related to businesses. With this marketplace, distribution software seekers can find out about the wide range of options that they have and how these can have an effect on their businesses. Customers can understand the different options available once they choose the particular distribution software that they want to concentrate on. Customers can also get top ERP software such as CAMS-Exact ERP, RujulERP, Mx-ERP, ABM MAINet, EBIZFRAME, Campus ERP, LIME, CAMS-Exact, Openbravo, Paytraq, Khaos Contro, Automan and more. The applications are useful for small as well as medium business enterprises. From high quality ERP and CRM software to Retail and School Management software and more, Software Streets offers everything. The dedicated app for the company, which is available on the Google Play store, provides software companies with opportunities and helps business entities as well as individuals pick the best software services and products depending on the reviews of real-time users. Based in New Delhi, Software Streets aims to become the biggest online marketplace to provide customers with a wide range of software products and solutions that can help ensure successful business operations. A sole proprietorship company, it has a maximum size of 10 employees but works round the clock to offer the best assistance to customers. About Software Streets:A unique and top e-commerce platform based in New Delhi, India, Software Streets offers comprehensive information to readers about various things associated to software. The website is the best resource to know about the top-quality software products in all categories.For more information, visit Contact:Software StreetsPhone: +91-8800167208E-mail: ###
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  • 05 Sep 2018
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  • 07 Sep 2018
    (September 078, 2018) – Watches still hold a great attraction among people. Many people feel that watches are not essential in this digital world as they can get to know the time on their smartphones. However, people have a real attraction for branded watches like Rolex. Can all people afford such a luxury watch? No will be the answer. This is why to help them get their dream of using a Rolex Watch a reality, IBestWatches has the best collection of Replica Rolex Watches. They do not stop just with the replica Rolex but they have the best collection of replica Audemars Piguet Watches as well. The company strongly believes that for lifestyle and fashion enthusiasts, wrist watches always stay close to their heart. The purpose of IBestWatches is to make the branded watches affordable for shoppers. This is why they deal with replica watches for reputed brands. When it comes to the replica Richard Mille Watches that this company deals with right from the steel to the nanometer, everything just looks very much similar to the real watches. They are highly confident that it will be hard even for experts to spot the difference. Particularly, the difference is highly invisible when a person wears the watch on his wrist. IBestWatches has rightly understood the wish of people to use a designer watch. This desire has led to the replica wristwatch market. With the growth of this market, many people these days are able to save a whole lot of money on designer watches. Due to the affordability, these replicas have helped many individuals to achieve their dream of using designer watches without breaking their budget. The modern technology has greatly helped replica watch manufacturers to craft these watches that look very much similar to the authentic watches. Each and every detailing on the replicas has become possible because of the design that replicates the real watch with every single detail added with caution. The main aim of IBestWatches is to make the designer replica watch shopping easier for their customers. The company says “If you need flawless replica watch that is accurate down to the nanometer, we’ve got you covered. Ibestwatches offers the best replica watches that are very close to the original watches that even experts can hardly tell them apart. So you can now get the designer watches you like at an affordable price.” About Ibestwatches:Ibestwatches is an online store and supplier of replica designer watches. They have Panerai, IWC, Breitling, AP, Cartier, Hublot and Rolex Replica watches in addition to Richard Mille and even Audemars Piguet Watches for designer watch enthusiasts to save on their shopping. They have a collection of different models of replica watches from these great and popular design watch brands to offer the best help to customers. For more information, please visit Media
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