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mold inspection
A National Mold Inspection, Mold Testing & Consulting Company for Residential & Commercial.

Mold Test USA is the national industry leader for unbiased mold inspection, accurate mold testing, and consulting for residential and commercial properties. Mold Test USA has helped over 2,000 customers a year, by giving clear direction based on experience, knowledge, and scientific information.

Mold Test USA, a service driven company, has set the standards in the mold industry.Dedicated team members have the "customer first attitude."Customers find services performed at Mold Test USA far outweigh the fee.

Mold Test USA has been featured on the CBS show "The Doctors" and interviewed on "The Weather Channel" and "MSN." Considered the largest independent mold testing and mold inspection company in the country, Mold Test USA does business with over 40 national corporations and banking institutions across the country. Located in 42 states, Mold Test USA has more than 200 local, certified mold inspectors to help you.