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Business 496 views May 26, 2017
Printable Bookmarks: Spreading Awareness for Your Student Assoc

Student associations have some unique challenges in spreading awareness and winning members. Communications budgets are limited and there is a lot of competition for ad-space on a campus and in the minds of university students. Ephemeral marketing strategies such as postering and fliers are quickly ignored and forgotten, contributing to wasted budgets and paper. A more permanent solution is needed, one that will give your audience a reason to hold on to your marketing material and keep your logo close at hand - one of the best way of implementing this strategy is by marketing yourself with printable bookmarks.

Think about it, every student can benefit from having a couple extra Cheap bookmarks at hand. During any given time they may be studying from dozens of different sources; having a reusable and stylish bookmark would be a huge benefit. Printable bookmarks are inexpensive too - almost as cheap as printing flyers - which is currently the most popular method on campus to spread awareness. But now you will be giving students something that they will keep on hand. To make an even more enduring connection, go with a more durable material like plasticized paper - this will ensure that your audience will treat your bookmark with more care and it make it last longer.
So next time they are cramming for a midterm, your audience will open their textbooks and see your message there. They will be thankful for having it and you will be thankful for being able to maintain that sort of connection months after making the initial contact. Student associations that have leveraged this strategy report up to a 40% increase in club participation due to the increased awareness of their organization in the student base. These increases lead to bigger budgets, which enable more aggressive strategies for growth - but as a first step printable bookmarks are one of the best options.
When planning to order your bookmarks, think carefully about your target audience in choosing the type of paper and features you would like. Design is important - your logo should be eye-catching without dominating too much of the art. Remember, the key to success when marketing with promotional materials is to give people something that they will use, a simple advertisement will just be treated like all the rest - thrown in the trash.
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