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Travel 565 views Apr 18, 2017
Trips to Israel That Will Fit Comfortably into Your Budget

The tourist attractions in Israel are numerous; impressive for a country that was founded less than a century ago. In its history, Israel has had the opportunity to become a beacon for those steadfast in their religion, while being inclusive to those who want to visit one of the most world renown countries in the Mediterranean.

Depending on your location, it can be particularly expensive to fly to Israel and enjoy its attractions. This is especially true during the high season, which are the summer months between June and August. You can also expect to pay a premium during major Jewish celebrations like Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah.

When Is the Best Time to Travel to Israel?

If it's possible, avoid the summer months, when people from North America, Europe, and major regions tend to flock to Israel. Flights and accommodations welcome this influx, reacting by inflating prices.

Airfare to Israel tends to be particularly cheaper between the cooler months, usually between November and early March. During this time, airfare is substantially less expensive. Some may lament going to Israel during the off-season, assuming that they will be missing out on the main events. Thankfully, Israel and their attractions are active year-round.

When booking flights to Israel, consider the day and time of departure. More affordable prices for airfare tend to occur during the middle of the week, with the price increasing during the weekends when airlines know that most people are looking for tickets. If appropriate, use longer flights that use layovers can shave off hundreds of dollars off your airfare.

Affordable and Free Things to Do in Israel

Enjoy the Beaches without Spending a Shekel. The west side of Tel Aviv is home to an eight mile stretch of beaches, with some of the more famous beaches being Gordon, Banana, and Metzizim Beach. Gordon tends to be the most popular, attracting locals and travelers alike.

If you are visiting during the off-season, you can be a spectator to public Israeli folk dancing – don't be afraid to participate. Just on the edge of Jaffa, Banana Beach attracts a more relaxed, carefree crowd making music out of homemade drums. Enjoy a game of matkot – an Israeli game akin to paddle ball – over at Metzizim Beach.

Visit One of the World’s Oldest Seaports in Old Jaffa. An ancient port city, Jaffa, or colloquially called as Yafo, has sacred ties to the biblical stories of St. Peter and Jonah. Today, you can visit the Clock Square, the Andromeda rock, as well as the many churches and monasteries that anoint Old Jaffa. Most of these attractions are free to the public or very affordable.

Visits the Tel Aviv Port for Your Everyday Needs. The port is Israel's largest entertainment hubs, with shops, cafes, and a lively farmer's market from sunup and sundown. For a few shekels, you can partake in Israel's bustling coffee culture with a cup of Turkish coffee or Israel's popular kafe botz.

It's possible to see Jewish tours to Israel while being budget-conscious. It's a geological, cultural, and physical bridge between Europe, Asia, and Africa, and thankfully, you can explore the country affordably.