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13 views Oct 09, 2018
and there was no need to buy a car

According to the state "road traffic safety law" and other relevant laws and regulations, electric bicycles cannot exceed 20 kilometers per hour and should be carried out when crossing the motorway, but most of the motorists do not comply with these regulations, and the speed of the motorists can sometimes be as high as a motor motorcycle. Driving, retrograde, not letting go according to regulations, arbitrarily turning and changing roads are everywhere. According to the statistics of the Shi City Management Bureau, in all traffic accidents, many of them are caused by the violation of the traffic rules, and a large number of electric bicycles are in the state of unlicensed driving.

This is accomplished by switching switch S2 (software switch in digital governor). When the Sz is cut to the left, it is the opening control mode; when S2 is tangent to the right, it is the power control mode. Power control mode and opening control mode usually adopt PI regulation.

At present, the most widely used type is parallel PID, or improved parallel PID type (such as adaptive PID type). In parallel PID mode, the difference between the frequency f and the unit frequency f is. The three links of proportion (P), integral (I) and differential (D) are introduced in parallel, then the PID law is formed, and then the unit is controlled by the mechanical servo system, as shown in the picture..

The mechanical governor is a technological invention. Because of its importance, the steam turbine has been widely used, so that there is an industrial revolution. The study of industrial cybernetics can also start with the study of governor. Then some friends will have doubts. If the road is not enough, then rebuild the road. How high is the cost of re repairing the road? Then we simply cannot imagine, in addition, because of the improvement of road level, it is not realistic to change the provisions of the law.

(1) First examine the speed check report of the speed limiter, compare the related parameters on the nameplate of the speed limiter, including the action speed, the rated speed, the speed limit device type and so on, which should meet the corresponding requirements of the device, conform to the data, do not change the painting phenomenon, and (2) check the seal of the speed limiter and check the seal Not perfect; (3) manual inspection of each part of the speed limiter, the movements of each moving part should be flexible and reliable, no operation, slow motion, un-reposition or difficulty of reset action, etc. (4) verification of the installation of electrical switches to meet the requirements of the requirements. Check the setting of the electric safety protection device of the electronic governor.

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    If a node has more than a dozen output, the 32 will be stored in the local recordable audio chips by generating 384 output values. When the feed is sent to the next level node, each of them must be coupled to 11 other values and so on. Therefore, the chip ultimately needs a large on-board memory circuit for its intermediate computation. In fact, for the purpose of the experiment, the researchers' voice modules sound chips have three different voice activity detection circuits, which have different complexity and therefore have different power requirements. Which circuit is most energy-efficient depends on the surrounding environment, but the most complex circuits of the three circuits in a wide range of testing conditions cause the system to save the overall power to the maximum extent. Although it consumes almost three times as much energy as the simplest circuit, it produces much less error cases; a simpler circuit usually erroneously activates the rest of the chip.. When I just got the activity plan, I felt very strange and excited. How could this music chip be successful? After checking some information on the Internet, I know that it is easy and needs us efforts and time. How wonderful it is! In the activity, the students unite and cooperate and help each other. After the gas leak, it can alarm and warn people to be threatened. Even if we are not in our own home, it can also carry out real-time monitoring and transmission of information. When the alarm is started, we can be in the first hand even if we are in a thousand miles. Mobile phone manufacturers are now fully into a dead cycle of hardware, and though the recordable audio chips are high enough, can they really push big headphones as they say in the voice? This requires a desktop machine and a large ear phone. Is there an earphone? Here is a pass, and it does. This is a headset, even if the handset pushes out the sound, and it's better than the HD600 push. visit site
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