UniqueThis The Rituals and Symbolism of a Chinese Funeral Wake

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  • Posted On : Sep 23, 2023
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  • Chinese funeral wakes are deeply rooted in rituals and symbolism, representing profound respect for the departed and the grieving process.

    To purify and guide the spirit to the afterlife, incense is lit. In the mourning process, white clothing is worn as a representation of purity and mourning. To provide comfort and support to the deceased, food, paper money, and personal items are offered.

    Funeral music and chants create a peaceful atmosphere, paying homage to the deceased. Rice and water are placed on the altar, symbolizing support for the soul. The open casket tradition allows attendees to bid their final farewells and pay their respects.

    Attending a Chinese funeral wake while understanding these customs can provide comfort to grieving families, and honor the deceased.

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