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Damien Demetri Blackwell's Album: 1996 Mitsubishi 3000gt

DESCRIPTION : Pros: 1. New timing belt 2. New Spark plugs 3. New Crankshaft 4. Strong engine 5. After market intake 6. 6 CD changer and tape deck Cons: 1. 180,000 miles 2. Dents 3. The gas door gets stuck but will still open 4. Front turn signals are broke but can be easily repaired 5. Needs a new head gasket. Until that is fixed it only goes 15 miles per hour. However, the engine is super strong and fast, once the head gasket is fixed. 6. Cracked windshield. Located at: 189 Spring Creek Road Gypsum, Co 81637 Someone offered $1,500 but taking too long to pay.