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Self-leveling concrete is a cementitious material designed to flow and fill low spots and create a flat and smooth surface. It is often used as a subsurface for other floor covering products such as wood, vinyl, epoxy and terrazzo to achieve a “level” subfloor with minimal height variations. Self-leveling can also be used to increase floor height to meet architectural specifications from 0” – 4”.
Forget hand mixing bag after bag of self-leveling underlayment in a bucket. DUOMIT offers automatic pumping services using professional mixing pumps designed to mix, pump and apply pre-blended cementitious materials, like those used in self-leveling flooring and underlayment applications.
Large jobs are no longer daunting, and the days of hauling pallets of bags all over a job site are over. We can set up an entire mix station outside, and pump the mixed self-leveling compound to wherever it's needed. The results are more consistent, and the time savings are huge.

DUOMIT's mixing pumps handles most pre-blended cementitious construction materials such as:

Self-leveling underlayments
Pre-blended topping materials
Pre-blended non-shrink grouts

Typical Applications

Correct uneven floors
Repair damaged concrete
Provide a smooth surface for carpet, tile, or other floor covering

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