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Impeachment hearing with Gordon Sondland: Live updates

House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff asked Gordon Sondland about the hold that was put on the aid to Ukraine.

Sondland said that, during a meeting with Vice President Mike Pence, Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine, asked, "When do we get our money?"

Here's the exchange:

Schiff: "They understood that the security assistance was being held up, right?"

Sondland: "I don't know when they understood it, but presumably they did."

Schiff: "Well, certainly once it was public, they understood the security assistance was withheld, right?"

Sondland: "Once it was public, I assume so."

Schiff: "And indeed, that was one of the issues brought up in that meeting between Zelensky and Pence in Warsaw?"

Sondland: I think as I testified previously, chairman, I think Zelensky if I recall, asked the question more open ended, like 'When do we get our money?'"