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  • The truth of the matter is shown in those numbers, in the sold-out show, in the engagement level we have. Just look at the medium itself. Twitch now has 100 million unique viewers per month buy fifa 15 coins account on its website. That’s creative. That’s high energy. We have 1,500 new titles and products on display at E3. More than 100 of those haven’t been revealed yet to anybody.

    GamesBeat: On the level of creativity the game industry needs, there’s being creative with original IP and new platforms, but there’s also being creative with Call of Duty every year. I wonder what your thoughts are on what that balance should be like in order for the industry to keep growing.

    Gallagher: Just because there’s a sequel to a game doesn’t mean you can’t use the word creative alongside it. There are innovations in gameplay in storytelling done in sequels that are remarkable. The degree of excitement around the next Call of Duty, the next Last of Us, or any similar game, whether it’s FIFA or Madden The enthusiasts who support those games love the innovations that come in the gameplay. There’s definitely creativity in those titles. Anybody who’s played them or made them knows that. That’s why they’re blockbusters year after year.

    Looking beyond the blockbusters, our industry has never had more indie development than it does today. If you look at PlayStation’s press briefing last year, where they had the arc of independent game developers on stage The indie developer has an incredible runway in front of them. We have the IndieCade exhibit at E3. We’ll have a number of companies making their voices heard. Others will partner with publishers, like they did last year with PlayStation. All of that lives and thrives within E3.

    Remember Red Dead Redemption, a hugely successful new IP. Remember BioShock. When that was first made people questioned the premise, but it became a massive hit. You do have innovation in storytelling and in new IP. You see it every year at E3.