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  • One of these women could well be Alexandra Wrage, an anti-bribery expert who resigned from FIFA's Independent Governance Committee in 2013. According to Wrage, two senior FIFA executives had urged her to "stop putting forward female candidates for these governance positions" specifically, positions on the ethics committee with rs gold the task of investigating FIFA corruption.

    Wrage ultimately quit because she felt FIFA was blocking her recommendations for reform. These included independent oversight of the executive committee, disclosure of executive pay and an overhaul in the World Cup bidding process recommendations that "amounted to nothing more than commonsense textbook corporate governance and best practices in compliance", according to the advisory panel Wrage sat on.

    As FIFA struggles to figure out where to go from here, promoting more women within its executive ranks would be a good place to start. Promoting the women's game through national development programs and international marketing campaigns would be a show of good faith by FIFA that the organisation is finally ready to embrace change. And contrary to its place in men's soccer, the US is in a good position to take a leadership role in a women's initiative, with the success and star power of its women's national team a chance to make up for the missed opportunity of failing to promote women's soccer following the 1999 Women's World Cup.

    At the very least, backing women's soccer could be a shrewd business move for those sponsors struggling to balance its public messaging with its marketing interests in FIFA's increasingly damaged brand. When Visa finally broke its silence with a strongly worded statement condemning the corruption allegations, its careful wording served to separate the game of soccer from FIFA itself. It's a smart angle, allowing sponsors to continue to associate with the world's most popular sport while dissociating from what could be the world's most corrupt sporting body.

    "Our sponsorship has always focused on supporting the teams, enabling a great fan experience, www.rsfarmer.com  and inspiring communities to come together and celebrate the spirit of competition and personal achievement," Visa said. There's no reason women in soccer can't be the core of that approach.