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Business 524 views May 03, 2018
Four Things That Can Make Your Website Look Bad

Just because your company has an online platform of its own, it does not mean that everything is going to go well. This platform needs to be functional, attractive and easy to use. Sometimes you might not notice how horrible your platform is until you realize the drop in the visitor numbers. The best way to avoid such a scenario would be to identify these horrible features beforehand. In this case, the following are some things that you need to look for.

No Pictures

This is definitely a bad sign. People do not just visit this platform to read. They always look for visual stimulation as well. So, if there are no pictures or any kind of visual material on your platform, then you are in trouble. However, this does not mean that you must bombard the platform with irrelevant pictures. You need to make sure that every picture or video you include the platform is funny, creative, informative and most importantly, relevant. If you include too many pictures, it can increase the loading time of your website.

No Communication

Although the main purpose of this platform is to give potential customers the information they need to know, you must remember that this is also a way of communicating with them. Since all communication is two-way, you need to ensure that your customers will be able to reach you in some way too. This can be achieved via several means. The easiest would include your business’s contact details. If not, you can install a chat set to offer instant help to your customers as well. Moreover, you might even consider putting in a ‘suggestions and comments’ section on the platform.


 Old Content

As mentioned before, one of the primary reasons why people visit this platform is to learn new things. They want to understand who your company is and what kind of products it sells. So, you need to make sure that this platform is highly informative. But once you load the platform with all the necessary information, it does not mean that your job is done. This is just the beginning and you need to constantly update it with the latest details. For example, if there is a promotion or even a new product that was developed, this information needs to go to the website.

No Testimonials

One thing that all customers look for when they visit an online platform is customer testimonials. They want reassurance that your products are reliable. So, when you hire a company that does website design Sydney, you need to ask them to include this feature on the platform too. If your visitors can see what your previous customers have said about you, then it will definitely make them feel safer and influence them to make a purchase. So, make sure to include this feature without fail.

Apart from this, you also need to make sure that your website does not contain too many advertisements or pop-up ads either. This can seriously affect the visitor numbers to your platform.