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Technology 1,976 views Mar 02, 2017
How to use an Email address to search someone on Facebook

This World’s largest social site manages its 1.2 Billion Monthly active users well with Facebook Customer Support. Facebook serves itself as a networking website to stay connected with family, friends, and co-workers having similar of interest. Through this post learn to search anyone through their email address to locate their profile. This way of searching is more effective in case if someone else also having the same username. You can do a search query for a specific email ID on Facebook to find people instantly. Continue to read about the ways to search someone through email address.


Steps to search Friends on Facebook:


  1. Login to your Facebook account by entering
  2. your email address and password.
  3. If you are new to the site then add your details in the Sign Up section for creation of a new account.
  4. There is a search query box at the top section of the Facebook profile page, type the full email address of the particular you are looking for.
  5. Select the magnifying glass located to the right of search query box or simply choose to click the Enter button on your keyboard.
  6. Choose directly on that person’s profile name to view their profile once search results appeared.
  7. You also have the option to click “Add friend” button located on the right side of person’s profile.

To search friends from your contact list:


  1. Tap on “Find friends” at the upper-right corner of your Facebook profile page.
  2. Choose that account that is having the list of personal contacts Facebook wanted to use from third-party accounts available.
  3. Go for the suitable account you are looking for and click Find friends. Suppose the person you are trying to find on Facebook is already existing in your Yahoo account, tap on Find friends just next to the section for Yahoo account.
  4. Fill in your email details to allow Facebook for accessing your contact list.
  5. Tap on Add friend button to complete your search. Click on Invite button to ask for joining of Facebook if the person you are searching for does not have an account.

To know about Facebook password recovery, click on the link provided: