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  • 07 Dec 2016
    Mars Translation LLC is a language service providing company with experts in more than 14 industries and in 108+ languages. We have a team of native linguists who follow strict quality measures and guidelines to ensure an efficient, reliable and high quality service. These are 4 tips on how to translate a product description. #1: Sort out your Need#2: Right Translation Pick#3: Localized Product Description#4: Tone of Translation#5: Monitor and Update you store  
    1112 Posted by Mars Translation
Business 985 views Mar 16, 2017
Who is our translation directed?

The reader of the text determines somehow register and style of our translation. When you have knowledge of what people are going to read the original text and what people are going to read your translation, you can adapt the register and style to adjust to future readers.

Doubts and problems when translating

After reading the text and having taken into account all the key points that we mentioned at the beginning, you are in a position better to start translating the text you have before. However, there are very few texts that do not present any problem or difficulty for the translator.

When doubts us to do a translation and we cannot solve them with dictionaries or the references mentioned above, the most practical thing we can do is ask other translators.

It is highly recommended for any translator to know well handled in forums and in person, as well as have friends or colleagues who come in these situations. Ideally, have a lot of friends translators who are native speakers of your working languages. The forums listed above, such as ProZ and Word Reference, can be perfect for this.

However, it is very important that we not stay stuck in the problematic parts of the text. If necessary, make comments as you go in the translation so to discuss portions of the original text that you pose a problem with the corresponding person. This person could be a project manager, the author of the original text or the same client.

Check your translation

As translators, either as volunteers or as professionals, it is essential that we take care of the end result of our work.

In regards to the final quality, we must thoroughly review our own translation. To do this, a great tool that we can use is the spell checker in Word or program that you use normally. This helps us to avoid mistakes caused by a slip of the fingers on the keyboard, or by thinking about too many things at the same time, as for example errors of consistency or repeated words.

Even so, a more thorough review is needed to ensure that the meaning and terminology are correct. To begin with, it is very useful to get away from the translation and let "rest" at least one day prior to reread what you've written. In this way, you can avoid obvious mistakes that had previously escaped you. You can find many tips online about How to become a better reviewer.

Another vital point is a second review carried out by another person. The reasons for this are obvious: the second person does not have any connection with the translation and, therefore, is not influenced and has a broader perspective that will help to find errors and point fragments that we could improve.

The second reader does not know why the original language; in fact, if the second single reader speaks the language of the final text, this will help you to see if your work "smells" or no translation. It is very important that any translator is able to accept criticism when it comes to receiving tips from someone.