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Society 157 views Jun 22, 2017
The police in safety vest provide tips for traffic

Until the 31st of October, the German motor vehicle industry (ZDK) is already carrying out a motor vehicle lighting operation together with Deutsche, as well as other cooperating partners for the 60th time.

Within the scope of this action, the motorists can have the lighting system of their vehicles checked in the workshops for free. Vehicles with a fault-free light receive the reflective tape "Lightest 2016", which can be attached to the windshield. The dark season also goes along with wintry road conditions. According to Article 2 (3a) of the Road Traffic Regulations, a motor vehicle may only be operated with M + S tires in the case of glacial ice, snow, snow mach, ice or frost. However, since all-season tires bear this symbol, it is not reliably ensured that M + S tires always have particularly good winter characteristics. There have already been cases in which summer tires from the Far East were marked with the M + S symbol. Therefore, you should always pay attention to the presence of the so-called snowflake symbol when buying a tire. Infringements will be punished with 60, - Euro, with a hindrance of the road traffic with 80, - Euro, with a danger with 100, - Euro and with an accident even with 120, -Euro fine, plus administrative fees. Furthermore, a point is entered in the registration register and insurance problems can arise. With this provision, the legislature intends, among other things, to take into account the misconception that, in the case of wintry road conditions, motor vehicles are often left unattached for lack of suitable tires and thereby cause considerable traffic obstructions.

To the annual winter check also belongs the traffic-appropriate behavior of the vehicle leader. Do not be surprised by the wintry road conditions and get yourself in time to the adverse traffic conditions. Anyone taking part in road traffic under a time pressure drives risky risers and endangers not only themselves but also other road users. Excessive or unadjusted speed is still one of the main causes of accidents. In addition, keep the required safety distance, allow for increased attention and wear a reflective vest when the visibility is poor, and adjust the speed especially to road, traffic, visual and weather conditions. Decrease their speed in time and drive with the lights on. This not only makes them look better, but is also better perceived by the other road users. This can prevent danger situations at an early stage. In the current autumn season, special danger situations can be caused by increased game changes, as well as polluted roads. In particular, drooping foliage or arable land from agricultural vehicles can make the road surface slippery. An extension of the braking distance is the logical consequence.

Another group of road users represent the cyclists. Here, unfortunately, it is often observed that these regulations, which serve their own safety, are disregarded. A lack of acceptance in the use of the prescribed lighting equipment, the ever-increasing use of mobile radio telephones, which can be punished with 25 Euro warning money and the ignoring of red light signaling systems are some examples.

In addition to pedestrians, cyclists are those who are the busiest, the easiest, with the corresponding serious consequences, overlooked. An appeal to the parents: check with their children the technical condition of the bicycles and practice lighting the lighting. Be aware of their responsibilities as a whole, and they are behaving in a manner that is appropriate to traffic. For more traffic safety in the pedestrians wear bright clothing, reflective armbands and trousers tapes, as well as reflective applications such as e.g. Blinks and so-called snap-bands. These result in a much earlier perception and thus a better response time of other road users. Finally, the principle of constant caution and mutual consideration, particularly against the "weaker" road users, is recalled.