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Society 169 views Jun 08, 2017
Motorcyclists assume glare and shine Examples night

For the third time the Foundation Tracing One offers a unique motorcycle parade called Night Shine example, every driver wear reflective vest. We gather on Friday 19 June, around 21.30 hours near the National Stadium. One Foundation and trace encourages and supports the use of glare while moving on the road at night and during the day.

We are pleased that we can once again invite to participate in a motorcycle happening "Shine example at night." The action is to visualize motorcyclists and other vulnerable road users, as important are the way to look and see and let others see us - says the Foundation.

The number of motorcyclists and drivers of two-wheelers are increasing rapidly. This does not, however, that at the same rate increases the level of knowledge on safe behavior, or the possibility to reduce the risk of a road accident. Application glare is one of the elements that reduce the number of threats and increase security.

Appropriate clothing is one of the factors that give the safety of motorcyclists on the road. Protectors in a jacket and trousers, appropriate reflective material depends on the weather conditions or the helmet fits are extremely important in the selection of clothing. However, one should also remember the element, which not only increases safety, but it may even save your life - these are the reflections. Often we encounter the reaction among driver’s wheelers, riding in the reflections that are not compatible with their lifestyle. However, we - as the Foundation One trace - promote and call for re-evaluation of his approach to life and settings in the first place to protect the health and life, and only the second appearance. For this purpose, we would like to encourage the use of glare while navigating the roads at night, but also during the day.

A person in a dark suit is visible in the vehicle lights only 20 m. The person using flare is visible in the headlights of 250-300m, which gives the driver the opportunity to be effectively bypassed or brake.

Foundation "One trace" was established 2010. Composed of passionate motorcyclists, wants to lead efforts to improve road safety. One of the statutory objectives of the organization is to create Relief Motorcycle Patrols, which will provide first aid at the scene. In addition, the Foundation: intends to apply for a change in the traffic code, broaden awareness among the public safety, and above all train drivers with first aid, promote changes in the horizontal labeling streets and win support from state institutions to streamline and facilitate the movement navigate the Polish roads.