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Society 220 views Jun 01, 2017
Easy Jet tests wearable uniforms – safety clothing

Easy-Jet unveiled the 20th anniversary of the airline a world first in terms of uniforms with reflective element: To work processes of communication and improve the passenger security, uniforms for cabin crew and technicians with portable technology, so-called wearable, provided were.

This is the latest innovation of progressive airline which is in terms of technology always forefront - starting with the fact that Easy-Jet introduced the online booking in 1998 the first airline, through to aircraft maintenance by drones, which presented the company in the early summer of this year. Now Easy-Jet is a fascinating insight into the future of the airline uniforms.

Wearable for crew members Easy-Jet:

- LEDs on the shoulders and bright end seams that provide additional lighting in emergencies.

- LEDs lapel which provide important information such as the flight number and destination.

- Built-in microphones that improve communication between crew members, pilots and passengers.

- LEDs in the sleeves of jackets for ground staff to help on aircraft movements on the ground.

Wearable for technicians Easy-Jet:

- LEDs in the hoods of the reflective jackets that illuminate work areas - for technicians to have both hands free for aircraft inspection and maintenance.

- Several reflective laser-cut ornaments that aid visibility on the airfield.

- Built-in video cameras allows for remote diagnosis of technical problems, surround sound and an audio microphone, direct communication.

- Air quality sensors and barometer by which technicians control their work environment and can to provide information to passengers to make a map of air quality in different cities.

This latest innovation developed Easy-Jet together with the leading companies in the field of fashion technology Cute Circuit, which is the world leader in interactive fashion and is already responsible for many groundbreaking ideas that originated with intelligent textiles and microelectronics. Most recently, the company used about projects with U2, Katy Perry and Nicole. Cute Circuit worked closely with crew members and technicians Easy-Jet to analyze their daily operations and to design uniforms that are optimally matched to their needs.

Milton, Head of Cabin Crew at Easy-Jet, said:

"The most important task of our crew is to ensure the safety of all passengers. Therefore, it is very exciting to work on this pioneering technology that transforms the applications of our uniforms. The technique could help ensure that crew members are easier to see in an emergency and makes it easier for the crew, the passengers very good service to offer. "

Ian Davies, Easy-Jet engineering director, said:

"With features like the LED hood and the resources of video and communication these amazing designs offer practical solutions for engineers working on the apron while increasing security."

Francesca Rosella, Chief Creative Director and co-founder of Cute Circuit, said: "We are pleased to make with Easy-Jet the future of aviation. The uniforms for cabin crew and technicians reflect the modern developments reflected in the wearable and a world first in the aviation industry. The uniforms with reflective material combine fashionable style with novel functions enhance security and improve communication with passengers in order to create a unique experience on board. We have taken into account the needs of the crew in the design and are now looking forward to go in the air and on the ground in the testing phase. "