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Society 203 views May 27, 2017
Equipped with reflective accessories for safety

First-graders in the district are equipped with reflective accessories, including so-called click ribbons so they are clearly visible on the road.

Three police officers standing in the auditorium of the elementary school in Hasfarm, but none of the children scares - on the contrary, two of which they know yet exactly. The traffic police chief master educator Dominique Home and Manfred were already with them in kindergarten. This visit has left obvious impression, because they still know what is important for a safe way to school, showed how a small quick query.

Click - almost like handcuffs!

Thus the way will be safer if now dawns the darker season, the Road Safety donated reflecting additions to clothing for every first grader were the click bands. Stefan Scherer, clerk traffic, showed impressive with its safety jacket, what difference does the right clothes. And so were the girls and boys of 1c and 1d rucksack lined up, stretched his arms in front, so that each wrist could be provided with a reflective band. Headmistress Gisela Schott will present the tapes in the coming days to the other classes. Police officers will be on the road a few days; all first-graders in the district are equipped with safety belts. "Because you are children of our treasures," Stefan Scherer underlined at parting.

There was reflective clothing for the 47 first years of the "Johann Baptist Grasser Primary School" Elman on her second day of school so that they will now be given special attention by the other road users as "yellow angels".

Visible from afar

Stefan Scherer from the police station Hasfarm told the children: "By reflecting material safety vests you will namely already from 140 meters well seen dark dressed children can be a motorist in headlight light seen only 25 meters before - too late to stop in time.".

A and O for the success of the action but is also, that the children actually bore the safety vests. Teachers and parents should therefore ensure that the children put on the safety vest every day. To Stefan Scherer called for the boys and girls on urgently. This is very important now in the fall and during the winter season. Then with enthusiasm the students took their safety vests and caps possession and also promised to wear them regularly.

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