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Society 142 views May 25, 2017
as children come to school safely

Every morning at seven, the world is still okay? For children between 6 and 14 which is not always true. According to the Federal Statistical Office watching it crash 7:00 to 8:00 and particularly common in traffic 13:00 to 14:00 - typical school hours.

"Even in the smallest one should begin to point out the dangers of traffic, wear a safety vest to keep safe" said transport expert Andreas Hazel from ADAC. Especially just before starting school, it is important to practice the school extensively with the children: "But not on the quiet weekend, but on a normal weekday with typical traffic."

The aim should be that the child can go to school. "But there are circumstances in which primary school children even with the best exercise can change the way to travel difficulties alone," says Andreas, Head of children and youth at the German Road Safety Council. This could be, for example, complex junctions with very short green phases and dividing medians.

"Since the children have actually green and could go across the street and be overlooked by the truck drivers." Or the trailer or the rear wheels could cut the curb corner and capture the densely waiting at the junction child. This is true not only for trucks or buses, but even for larger van. The only solution: "With great stay away from the corner and wait until the vehicle has passed."

Children need to learn one thing: "You can be on the road to nothing left." After all, the car stops at the crosswalk could be overtaken by another vehicle. "Previously, it was always, look left-right-left first and then go." However, the expert advises that children watch while crossing the street again left and right and try to focus the overall situation to capture.

Children are always different, says Hanne lore Harlan of the German Traffic. "But practice makes perfect." The result is a role reversal: The child shows and explains parents independently to school. "I'll see if and how it can implement what they have learned." Does it, it can go alone. Parents have always the individual behavior of their child in mind and do not make it dependent on age limits, advises Harlan.

At best, the schools provide a school plan. It identifies dangerous and difficult places, but also crossing aids. "The good way is not always the shortest way," said Berg Meier. There are many primary schools at which form so-called walking-bus groups. "Here, go several children wear reflective vest, often under the guidance of older students or adults to school together."

One should avoid parents, advises Hazel: to drive the kids from misunderstood concept of security by car to school. "So miss the leap into self-employment." Only with unreasonable long distances was the sense. In addition, many parents motorized cause congestion and chaos in front of the schools. With all appropriate child seats should have and schedule time for proper seat belts.

By bike, the children should go only after passing the test bike to school. As a rule, it is stored in the fourth grade. Mostly they are then at least eight years old. "This is developmentally a threshold, learning of stay can improve the link between theory and practice," says Harlan. The practice also improves dexterity exercises: "For example, go very slowly or wavy lines, which teaches balance." And to come at a specific line to support, train the drivability.

Always is important, the helmet - as with the belt in the car a lifesaver says Hazel. "He cannot rule out serious injury, but reduce the severity." Here, parents should set a good example and even a bear while biking. Later in puberty, children often look for other role models outside the family. "Therefore, our appeal goes to all adults to wear a helmet," said Harlan.

Info box: In the eighth clothes and school bag on standards

For more safety in traffic reflective clothing makes - especially in the dark winter months. One should be based on the standards EN ISO 20471 or EN 1150th important: the satchel should correspond to the DIN standard 58124th "He has enough retro reflective materials that you will be well seen," says Andreas Hazel from ADAC.