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Society 176 views Mar 16, 2017
Warning triangle: So there will certainly set

For a breakdown on the highway motorists have to set up the warning triangle with reflective tape in a sufficient distance to her car. "On motorways are around 150 to 200 meters," says Hans-Ulrich Sander from TÜV Rhineland. This is generally true for outside urban areas.


The drivers can be guided by the guide posts. Their spacing is generally 50 meters. In a breakdown, the driver immediately switch - preferably already in the rolling - the hazard warning light system. Before leaving the car they should put the safety vest. The safest access to the installation site, when at the very edge of the road or - if possible - heritage behind the guardrail, the shield on the chest in front of him. The sign they put on the right edge of the road or on the shoulder. Is the car hidden behind a knoll or curve, they place the warning signs before it. Within built-up areas ranging from 50 to 80 meters distance to the car.


A warning triangle with you is required. This regulates the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations. The shield consists of three red reflective beams and must bear a mark - it is also wavy line and number. This is important so that the sign is not the wind or the suction effect of passing vehicles will be blown away.


Stable models have a solid, table stand. Good copies cost around 20 Euros. Emergency additionally complain the stand. Thus the triangle is quickly available in emergency situations, placed it there "about under or behind the seat or in the trunk on the luggage," says TÜV expert Sander. Thus the warning triangle with reflective material does not remain on the track after the breakdown, he advises, to lay the packaging or a reminder note on the dashboard or the driver's seat.