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Society 188 views Jan 12, 2017
Riding with reflective vest in Sweden.

In addition to fun exercise have intercourse with horses a relaxing effect for many. And there are many approaches to choose from - in addition to dressage and show jumping, for example, even eventing, vaulting, endurance and driving. Riding with wearing reflective vest is also the largest disability sport in Sweden.

See price comparisons of riding schools here.

Riding schools now offer their students more choice than before, and teaching can be organized in different ways, says Nina Anyai, district of the Swedish Equestrian Federation and the riding school at Clare's riding club with 40 years of experience in riding school.

- Many students have individual preferences as they may be difficult to make up a day of the week. It may also involve groups of fewer students to requests from students, but at a slightly higher price. Every year damaged some 13 000 people in connection with riding or handling of horses, and 700 people who work with horses.

Through the years, therefore, the requirements and restrictions increased on safety and protective equipment and safety vest. I think Nina Anyai is good, although it also requires more of the riding schools. All riding schools that are connected to the Swedish Equestrian Federation take out membership of the pupils. This fee also includes a member insurance that provides good protection, she says.

At Clare Mountain keeps it open seven days a week, from seven in the morning until ten in the weekday evenings.

- Riding School also serves as recreation. There is always staff. In addition, we organize activities during the holidays.

Club activities are dependent on a lot of voluntary work and on weekends and holidays, many active to help with the family days, cleaning days, children's activities and so on.

- But we must not forget that the horse is a living tool that should have care every day of the year. Unlike many other sports, a riding school, therefore, not be operated with only voluntary contributions, this also requires trained personnel, says Nina in safety vest.

The ride is relatively expensive. One semester with a lesson a week can cost upwards of 4000 kronor. It is customary to also be able to purchase single lessons, and often there is try-off for those who want to test a few times.

Nina Anyai wishes Riding School sagging raising lecture fees from year to year.

- As a nonprofit organization, we strive to keep the fees in order to make horseback riding accessible to more people. We want to give those who do not have your own horse the opportunity to learn to ride at a reasonable price and also the opportunity to compete at the riding school horses.

Swedish equestrian sport is unique in the world, both in scope and availability. Riding club is a stable slope with many opportunities for local residents, not least in terms of public health. It is high time that the municipalities strategically and seriously take advantage of the important resource that consider Swedish Equestrian Federation that are actively working to strengthen the dialogue between riding clubs and municipalities.

Nina Anyais experience is that the attitude to riding school differs between municipalities.

- Those who are familiar with the matter understands the importance of supporting our business, and that investment in riding schools is incredibly valuable back. You realize how much togetherness with horses actually provides for people of all ages - in addition to the riding itself, you learn to take responsibility, to develop leadership ability by managing horses of several hundred kilos and you get a nice community with both humans and animals.

Fact: As you begin

Visit some riding schools with experienced and well-trained staff. Is there access to the riding arena? Good trails if you like to ride out? Ask how the queue system works and when to enroll.

The equipment need not be so advanced in the beginning. First, you need helmet and suitable footwear, preferably also safety vest. It is important that both the helmet and vest fit the rider. A safety vest with reflective tape in the wrong size can do more harm more than benefit.

The helmet should sit firmly on your head and not loose. A helmet with a bang, for example, dropped in the stable time, is replaced. Avoid any time to borrow a helmet. Check that the helmet is CE marked. Folksam's test of riding helmets last year show large differences between the best and worst helmet.

Shoes or boots should have heels, so the foot from sliding through the stirrup. Choose soft trousers, preferably without sharp seams. Sweater or jacket should not have fixed hood.

Should you decide to continue riding, you can invest in breeches, horse riding shoes or boots - are used for good prices.