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Public Speaking 412 views Dec 25, 2016
Pedestrians without safety vest will receive fines

Officers are still betting on prevention, but now it starts pedestrians without reflectors will be punish.


The obligation to use pedestrian walking along the road outside the village reflective materials is one of the most important changes introduced by the amendment to the law on road traffic. Although she came into effect in February, but officers from Klatovska, unlike some of his colleagues from other regions, in violation of the law still give away penalties. Instead, they are handing out reflective bags, for precautionary reasons.

Last week at pedestrians who moved in reduced visibility on roads outside the village, some illumination for example south Bohemian police. "The three pedestrians who violated the provisions of the Act were imposed fines, each worth five hundred crowns. Three pedestrians who violated the same provisions of the Act were policemen, due to age, reproved and instructed to use reflective elements, "said the results of the checks the local police spokeswoman.


It will be similar by police from now on. "The police will no longer be pedestrians only to negotiate but shall, in the absence of reflective elements and giving fines," said Ladmanová and warned that in the coming period, police will be increasingly pedestrians and will supervise them focused and traffic safety events.



Already last autumn launched Ministry of Transport, Besip and Czech Police campaign "We are", which is focused on pedestrians. "This campaign is also involved police officers to Klatovsku. The project officers from the traffic inspectorate handed out these days for seniors bags with reflective elements and the point is that it moves when a pedestrian outside the village of reduced visibility on the shoulder or side of the road in a place that is not illuminated by public lighting is required to wear elements of retro reflective material disposed so as to be visible to other participants in road traffic, "said Ladmanová, adding that it is recommended to put reflective tape on the upper or lower extremity, and always toward the road. Pedestrian walking outside lit areas can also use a vest with reflective elements, for example, or use tags or badges.


"The driver of a motor vehicle or sees record pedestrians wearing dark clothes at a distance of 18 meters in the red at 24 m, in white at 55 meters and the use of reflective materials for 200 meters. When the driver see pedestrians, does not mean that immediately stops the car, "she told Ladmanová.