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Society 417 views Dec 13, 2016
Police emphasizes the importance of safety vest

Visibility of pedestrians for the winter approaching cold and shorter days again become a hot topic. Last time it tragically suffered the man on Sunday at midnight truck collided. Officers point out that duty of pedestrians - for your own safety - wear safety vest and to be seen on the roads sufficiently. Under bad conditions they threaten people without reflectors fine of around two thousand.

The man went to along the right edge of the road, in the same direction as passing cars when the truck hit him. According to police spokeswoman Alice was not wearing any reflective tape or other accessories clothes.

The truck driver had a negative test for alcohol and drugs. From January to September this year, police in South Moravian Region recorded thirty-pedestrian accidents after dark, eight of which in places with poor lighting.
Be seen, the police announced that

To the poor visibility of pedestrians alert the police a long time. The greatest risk occurs in the winter months when it become darker and worsens the conditions for the driver. According to police statistics regularly deadliest month of November because it often rains and the days are rapidly running out.

Since February this year, moreover, applies the amendment to the law on road traffic, which requires pedestrians in poor visibility in darkness or fog and gloom while walking along the roadside in unlit areas required wearing clothing with reflective tape. But the rule applies only outside the village.

Poorly visible to pedestrians at risk fines up to two thousand crowns in administrative proceedings between 1500 and 2500 crowns. According to the Ministry of Transport is wearing reflective elements of a good prevention of fatal accidents.
Police advise wearing reflective elements and in the community

Since last autumn, the police handed out more than one hundred thousand reflective tape to increase visibility of pedestrians up to two hundred meters. "As a precaution, we recommend to people that they were wearing reflective vest in communities where there is good lighting. If the driver see pedestrians, not able to react in time and such accidents often ends in tragedy, "said police spokesman Brno.

"Most of the walks on the wrong side, they are unlit. Moreover, when they have a little toast, all is not trying to avoid cars. When a driver encounters in turn, often does not have time to duck, "said the policeman. Reflective elements can be purchased in stores cycling equipment or stationery.

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  • 06 Feb 2017
    Occasionally dare a clear blue sky suddenly give way to a downpour? Then you had best have a rain jacket with reflective tape in your back pocket or you come home soaked. Clothing Manufacturer and WL Gore and Associates have jointly developed a revolutionary technology for the all-new Idol Jacket. The two companies joined forces to create a substance that better protects against rain than today's rain jackets. The Gore-Tex controlled release technology is a new, innovative weave structure which consists of only two material layers instead of the usual three. The outer layer is eliminated so that there is a completely watertight construction. The membrane would be very breathable and the weight remains at a phenomenal 123 grams in size Large. Ventilation and visibility The Jacket features include a waterproof YKK waterproof zipper Vision, taped seams and reflective material elements for added visibility. A zipper on the back provides extra ventilation and makes grabbing the back pocket of your jersey easier. Finally provides anatomical cut sure the garment is not fluttering in the wind. More compact than ever Thanks to the two thin layers is the Idol Jacket lighter, but also more compact pack size than previous models. The raincoat fits with evident ease in each back pocket and is designed for those who want to deliver maximum performance and want to be protected against sudden changes in the weather. Something you might encounter once in Belgium. The safety vest costs 270 Euros and is available in black with red accents.
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  • 25 Dec 2016
    Officers are still betting on prevention, but now it starts pedestrians without reflectors will be punish.   The obligation to use pedestrian walking along the road outside the village reflective materials is one of the most important changes introduced by the amendment to the law on road traffic. Although she came into effect in February, but officers from Klatovska, unlike some of his colleagues from other regions, in violation of the law still give away penalties. Instead, they are handing out reflective bags, for precautionary reasons. Last week at pedestrians who moved in reduced visibility on roads outside the village, some illumination for example south Bohemian police. "The three pedestrians who violated the provisions of the Act were imposed fines, each worth five hundred crowns. Three pedestrians who violated the same provisions of the Act were policemen, due to age, reproved and instructed to use reflective elements, "said the results of the checks the local police spokeswoman.   It will be similar by police from now on. "The police will no longer be pedestrians only to negotiate but shall, in the absence of reflective elements and giving fines," said Ladmanová and warned that in the coming period, police will be increasingly pedestrians and will supervise them focused and traffic safety events.   SEE YOU Already last autumn launched Ministry of Transport, Besip and Czech Police campaign "We are", which is focused on pedestrians. "This campaign is also involved police officers to Klatovsku. The project officers from the traffic inspectorate handed out these days for seniors bags with reflective elements and the point is that it moves when a pedestrian outside the village of reduced visibility on the shoulder or side of the road in a place that is not illuminated by public lighting is required to wear elements of retro reflective material disposed so as to be visible to other participants in road traffic, "said Ladmanová, adding that it is recommended to put reflective tape on the upper or lower extremity, and always toward the road. Pedestrian walking outside lit areas can also use a vest with reflective elements, for example, or use tags or badges.   "The driver of a motor vehicle or sees record pedestrians wearing dark clothes at a distance of 18 meters in the red at 24 m, in white at 55 meters and the use of reflective materials for 200 meters. When the driver see pedestrians, does not mean that immediately stops the car, "she told Ladmanová.
    393 Posted by Stella Qi
  • 27 Dec 2016
    About how important it is setting up reflective materials of the seniors talked policemen from the Municipal Police Headquarters. The organizers of the meeting for seniors were the newspaper, "Every Week" and the Provincial Traffic Centre. The meeting was organized on the estate was attended by the Permanent seniors from the University of the Third Age Foundation My Time for seniors them. The guests emphasized that even with the compact reflective material the driver is able to see a pedestrian from a distance of 150 meters. It's time to react, which can save lives. In the autumn and winter, when night falls quickly and the additional pedestrian dressed in dark clothing, the driver becomes practically invisible. And that can lead to tragedy. Seniors, present at the meeting, they could see in a practical way, how it looks. The police arranged for their passage cop, realizing that after dark, as well as in case of bad weather, which reduces visibility on the road, the driver sees the pedestrian without glare at the last minute. No glare caused among pedestrians is also some reluctance; he tried to break the meeting organizers. Thanks to the practical classes, during which seniors could see how important to our health and life is to assume glare, the participants unanimously declared that they will not forget about them. At the meeting, senior citizens were given reflective tapes.
    385 Posted by Stella Qi
  • 10 Nov 2016
    For this school year, parents should incorporate a host of parameters to well equip their offspring. And the safety vest is an essential element. Furthermore the weight distribution of books and the back support in the child, the issue of visibility on the way to school is also crucial. In Germany, the legislator has long taken the lead. A law requires manufacturers to equip the back and sides schoolbags at least 10% of reflective material. Moreover, the bag must comprise at least 20% of fluorescent materials. "Every year, road safety advocates buying retro reflective tape to paste on school bags," explains the director of road safety, Isabelle. "We also run a campaign with small snowmen to hang bag back of reflective fabric or elsewhere. They are sold to municipalities which then distribute to their students, "she says. The presence of reflective surfaces on the satchel or clothing can identify a silhouette to 150 meters in the dark. A big difference because the car lights will allow seeing a figure at 30 meters.
    260 Posted by Stella Qi
  • 03 Jan 2017
    On the pylons fitters in safety clothing are traveling. What the men engaged in this dangerous profession connects. Free lineman's the Occupation of young men who are doing the Unterallgäu that, before we warn all children rightly resistant: They will soar on high-voltage pylons. "It's not so wild," appeased Andreas. "This looks more dangerous than it is." All five assemblers that the LEW masts point 79 to 34 up towards retrofitted with an assurance riser system are Austrians and for years experienced and passionate recreational climbers. "People from Carinthia and East Tyrol are for several years leader in this industry," says Foreman Alban. But while Andreas is only five years there and thus an old hand, are two of his colleagues only since October this professional activity and are quasi yet learned. "However, one can never really in this profession," quips Müller, “There is always something new" Certain conditions must not meet: "But of course you should be afraid of heights and crush resistant. However, it is not a teaching, so we have, for example, carpenters, electricians or bricklayers doing. Especially important is common sense, "says the Carinthian. The average age of the group is around 24 years; it is precisely what young people think it is good to have an unusual work. Andreas Müller knows anyone over 40 who exercise this profession. He and his colleagues get hazard and height allowance "and to get neat rum in the world." Current is only partially turned off Nevertheless, the whole thing is no picnic: If the five climbing on the 45 to 50 meter high masts, only part of the high-voltage lines is not live. "The network operator has turned the 110,000 volt line on one side. On the other hand, the 220,000 volts flow but still, "said the 25 year old. Therefore checks the lead climber who first secured the safety cable above, using a device, if not yet current. Then a rod including copper cable is attached, so that the line for all cases is grounded and everything is safe for the workers ", Müller describes the first steps. Around four to five masts equips the young troop per day according to the system. They often work twelve hours a day - in the summer and more. "The right weather does not exist: In the summer, it's hot, in the winter cold and wet in the fall, does not matter," says the 25-year-old Carinthian, is actually a skilled carpenter. And his colleagues affirm: "It does not freeze us real. When climbing is an already warm "Whereby it but also optimal function and safety wear reflective vest- safety has finally top priority. Thunderstorms can be dangerous Merely storm could be dangerous to the climbers on the power poles. "If lightning strikes, it can migrate over several kilometers in the lead. Therefore: Immediately down when there is lightning in the area. Even if it seems so far away, "says Andreas Müller. The harness for professional climbers looks a little different from the recreational climber and has a belt with a lot of bags and straps for tools and equipment that need to be taken up with the mast. Pliers, hammer, ratchet and the essays for this: Often the fitters must also haul up to 20 kilograms in the air. But even if the five men stressed enter casually, is one of the basic rules in their jobs, never to be careless, says Andreas in safety vest: "You really have always with it, otherwise happened before what. Even just a little drop, could be extremely dangerous - for the bottom "And if that climbing pylons to seem easy, for the miller has a tip:" What is really interesting driving by line trolley! These are cars - or racks - which are attached to the lines themselves and move from one pole to the next. This is the most exciting thing I've done so far. "
    219 Posted by Stella Qi
  • 01 Jun 2017
    Easy-Jet unveiled the 20th anniversary of the airline a world first in terms of uniforms with reflective element: To work processes of communication and improve the passenger security, uniforms for cabin crew and technicians with portable technology, so-called wearable, provided were. This is the latest innovation of progressive airline which is in terms of technology always forefront - starting with the fact that Easy-Jet introduced the online booking in 1998 the first airline, through to aircraft maintenance by drones, which presented the company in the early summer of this year. Now Easy-Jet is a fascinating insight into the future of the airline uniforms. Wearable for crew members Easy-Jet: - LEDs on the shoulders and bright end seams that provide additional lighting in emergencies. - LEDs lapel which provide important information such as the flight number and destination. - Built-in microphones that improve communication between crew members, pilots and passengers. - LEDs in the sleeves of jackets for ground staff to help on aircraft movements on the ground. Wearable for technicians Easy-Jet: - LEDs in the hoods of the reflective jackets that illuminate work areas - for technicians to have both hands free for aircraft inspection and maintenance. - Several reflective laser-cut ornaments that aid visibility on the airfield. - Built-in video cameras allows for remote diagnosis of technical problems, surround sound and an audio microphone, direct communication. - Air quality sensors and barometer by which technicians control their work environment and can to provide information to passengers to make a map of air quality in different cities. This latest innovation developed Easy-Jet together with the leading companies in the field of fashion technology Cute Circuit, which is the world leader in interactive fashion and is already responsible for many groundbreaking ideas that originated with intelligent textiles and microelectronics. Most recently, the company used about projects with U2, Katy Perry and Nicole. Cute Circuit worked closely with crew members and technicians Easy-Jet to analyze their daily operations and to design uniforms that are optimally matched to their needs. Milton, Head of Cabin Crew at Easy-Jet, said: "The most important task of our crew is to ensure the safety of all passengers. Therefore, it is very exciting to work on this pioneering technology that transforms the applications of our uniforms. The technique could help ensure that crew members are easier to see in an emergency and makes it easier for the crew, the passengers very good service to offer. " Ian Davies, Easy-Jet engineering director, said: "With features like the LED hood and the resources of video and communication these amazing designs offer practical solutions for engineers working on the apron while increasing security." Francesca Rosella, Chief Creative Director and co-founder of Cute Circuit, said: "We are pleased to make with Easy-Jet the future of aviation. The uniforms for cabin crew and technicians reflect the modern developments reflected in the wearable and a world first in the aviation industry. The uniforms with reflective material combine fashionable style with novel functions enhance security and improve communication with passengers in order to create a unique experience on board. We have taken into account the needs of the crew in the design and are now looking forward to go in the air and on the ground in the testing phase. "
    209 Posted by Stella Qi
  • 04 Jan 2017
    Creating safety vest, helmet on, wheel control of traffic safety consultant André Schmitz - and the bicycle examination can begin. The fourth graders of Paul School now took off their cycling proficiency test. An event that is present every year in elementary school. For the participants it is something special every time. The boys and girls were able for the first time online practice. In the workbook for the third and fourth classes, the young road users in reflective vest train the right behavior on the road, the first time is also a code number. Even the elementary school students are practice using the PC. Therefore, the Internet has now also found its way into the traffic education," says Hans Jansen, Managing Director of Road Patrol Viersen. In Workbook, there is also the logo a talking computer. Wherever this sign appears, find the children via Internet-depth exercises. "I made it fun to practice on the computer. The issue, however, was really great," said the nine-year-old Emma in reflective vest. Thanks to the support of Viersen the supply of primary school children in Viersenit is secured with the exercise book for three years.
    207 Posted by Stella Qi
  • 03 Mar 2017
    Lublin light blouse with reflective fabric material is the best in the national competition. It is to ensure the safety of cyclists, especially in dimly lit rural areas. We are talking about light blouse, reflective vest or tunic with turn indicators and position light, located on the back. Design students from Secondary School transport and communication in Lublin just received the first prize in a national competition for innovative technical projects relating to agriculture and rural development.   - When the power turns on red light position, such as in a car that lights up nonstop. The steering wheel is fixed pilot. We have the two buttons. When we turn to the left, we press the left button and then begin flashing left turn. Lights on for 10 seconds and then turns itself off - explains the principles of operation Clichés...   Students dreaming of that light blouse with reflective tape went into mass production.
    200 Posted by Stella Qi
  • 27 May 2017
    First-graders in the district are equipped with reflective accessories, including so-called click ribbons so they are clearly visible on the road. Three police officers standing in the auditorium of the elementary school in Hasfarm, but none of the children scares - on the contrary, two of which they know yet exactly. The traffic police chief master educator Dominique Home and Manfred were already with them in kindergarten. This visit has left obvious impression, because they still know what is important for a safe way to school, showed how a small quick query. Click - almost like handcuffs! Thus the way will be safer if now dawns the darker season, the Road Safety donated reflecting additions to clothing for every first grader were the click bands. Stefan Scherer, clerk traffic, showed impressive with its safety jacket, what difference does the right clothes. And so were the girls and boys of 1c and 1d rucksack lined up, stretched his arms in front, so that each wrist could be provided with a reflective band. Headmistress Gisela Schott will present the tapes in the coming days to the other classes. Police officers will be on the road a few days; all first-graders in the district are equipped with safety belts. "Because you are children of our treasures," Stefan Scherer underlined at parting. There was reflective clothing for the 47 first years of the "Johann Baptist Grasser Primary School" Elman on her second day of school so that they will now be given special attention by the other road users as "yellow angels". Visible from afar Stefan Scherer from the police station Hasfarm told the children: "By reflecting material safety vests you will namely already from 140 meters well seen dark dressed children can be a motorist in headlight light seen only 25 meters before - too late to stop in time.". A and O for the success of the action but is also, that the children actually bore the safety vests. Teachers and parents should therefore ensure that the children put on the safety vest every day. To Stefan Scherer called for the boys and girls on urgently. This is very important now in the fall and during the winter season. Then with enthusiasm the students took their safety vests and caps possession and also promised to wear them regularly.
    194 Posted by Stella Qi
  • 19 Jan 2017
    The way to better visibility of cyclists on the roads is wearing a safety vest. Two thousand cans of fluorescent paint Volvo Life Paint distributed in eight London bike shops. The action was to draw attention to the safety of cyclists, who are the most vulnerable to the consequences of road accidents. On the day of the ink remains visible at night reflects the light headlights of cars. In one of the shops were distributed 500 cans of paint in two days, and interested in the product, customers calling even from distant Australia. The best way to survive the accident is ... to avoid an accident. That was the motto of the Volvo began distributing campaign fluorescent spray paint. It was conducted in eight major bike shops in the British capital. It can be sprayed on any surface: a metal frame bike, helmet, on clothing, spokes, tires ... At night, fluorescent paint reflects light headlights with such power as tape reflective vest. The paint is active for 7 days. At that time, the probability of deductions so visible cyclist falls to almost zero. About how this effect can be achieved by spray best to see on A striking fluorescent paint is another solution designed by Volvo in order to protect cyclists. This is part of a broader vision of Volvo, according to which by 2020 the level of safety of these cars has to be so high that the new Volvo stopped people die. This vision is not only passenger cars but also pedestrians and cyclists. Volvo cars are to detect the risk of collision and prevent it. In 2013, Volvo showed the world's first system that undertook self, emergency braking if it detects the risk of offsetting the rider. Currently, Volvo also offers a system to detect pedestrians and cyclists as well after dark. A month ago, Volvo showed the special reflective material helmets for cyclists, which warn against the risk of a cyclist collision with a car. For now, the prototype, but you can buy... Volvo does not preclude the introduction of fluorescent spray paint for sale in their showrooms. The promotional campaign was organized with the participation of the British branch of advertising agency Grey and with the Swedish company Albedo100. Sprays Life Paint were distributed free of charge, but all who would like to purchase the paint, they can do so using the website of its manufacturer. Its cost is about 100 plus shipping costs. You can choose different colors of reflection, as well as variants for different types of surfaces: metal and wood, textiles, and even fur. All we would like to become a fashionable gadget.
    186 Posted by Stella Qi