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Business 273 views Nov 10, 2016
Safety vest and reflective tape ensure students' safety

For this school year, parents should incorporate a host of parameters to well equip their offspring. And the safety vest is an essential element. Furthermore the weight distribution of books and the back support in the child, the issue of visibility on the way to school is also crucial.

In Germany, the legislator has long taken the lead. A law requires manufacturers to equip the back and sides schoolbags at least 10% of reflective material. Moreover, the bag must comprise at least 20% of fluorescent materials. "Every year, road safety advocates buying retro reflective tape to paste on school bags," explains the director of road safety, Isabelle.

"We also run a campaign with small snowmen to hang bag back of reflective fabric or elsewhere. They are sold to municipalities which then distribute to their students, "she says. The presence of reflective surfaces on the satchel or clothing can identify a silhouette to 150 meters in the dark. A big difference because the car lights will allow seeing a figure at 30 meters.