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445 views Apr 26, 2018
Full Spectrum Led Grow Lights are one of the newer options on t

Full Spectrum Led Grow Lights are one of the newer options on the market. When most think of grow lights, they have pictures of fluorescent tubes hanging over seed trays in a dank basement. That is still something that many people do. However, you can always upgrade the lights you use. These lights consist of panels of LED bulbs. In order to cover the entire essential light spectrum for plants, many panels combine two or three different colors. These panels are easy to install above your plants in a grow room or a greenhouse. What are some of the advantages to using an LED grow light?

One advantage is cost. You get the Full Spectrum Led Grow Lights mounted on a reflective panel. That means you get the light and reflector in one unit. That cuts down on costs there. You also get the complete unit at one time. You will get a longer life from a typical LED bulb. They can last up to 100,000 hours. That means you will get over 11 years of life if you burned it 24/7. Moreover, since you will not, you get even more years. You also need to use less water with these lights because they do not dry out the soil as easily as other lamps will.

Another advantage is space savings. Full spectrum LED panels are actually quite thin. They can fit into a tight air space above your plants and not cause problems. These lights are quite cool to the touch, as they do not radiate heat to generate light. That means you can put them closer to your plants. Overall, you can fit more plants into a set area with these panels. For anyone trying to grow plants in a small space, these panels are a great option. They are also cost effective in energy and initial cost.

A third advantage is control. You have a great deal of control with a full spectrum LED panel. TaoTronics Full Spectum Grow Lights surface is quite reflective. You can position them at almost any angle with no issues. The low amount of heat means they work in almost every possible situation. Some of these panels offer you control over the amount of each light that comes out. Plants love more red light during growing and flowering times. The

plants love blue light better for leafing. You can control the light output with those special panels.