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410 views Mar 21, 2017
Should children practice yoga?

Child love to have fun, so adopting something that will also put them in good shape, while having fun is highly recommended. As children group up and get use to yoga exercise, they won’t feel reluctant to continue yoga practice. They have built an interest with practicing yoga over time and this has become part of their life style. Also because of the fun they had at a young age, they will always relate that feeling to practicing yoga, because they saw it as fun.
When these children become adults, they will eventually stand out from others, because they have consistently practiced yoga. The interesting part of this is that while adults are still trying to avoid the noise or stress they experience from the busy daily life. A yogi already knows how to silence her mind in the midst of all the chaos and still take control of their mind to focus on the thing they so desire. This is gaining mastery over the mind. If children can already start at an early age, from say ages 7 and above to practice yoga, it will mean a new breed of generation has entered the seen.
The future generation will have a record high of healthy people, plus, they will be more aware and enlighten. This will even record a higher IQ, because when you exercise in general, you are also building your mind mentally. Yoga will be much fun for children because they are already used to carrying backpack to school. So, carrying a yoga backpack or backpack with yoga mat holder will be done so easily. They can even begin to introduce yoga classes in schools, so that children can attend right after school session. This will make a great and exciting time for children. Not all children like to take part in school’s sport Getting such children enrolled in yoga will be a better idea. They don’t have to feel the need to compete with other team to win.
They just enjoy the fun of keeping fit. Once they experience the impact of yoga, this might motivate them to join other sport teams in the future. With yoga, they are able to build self-confidence and be In control of their minds. When introduced to meditation at an early age, they can already determine what is best for them, because they already understand the power of meditation. In a playful manner, children can always learn very fast, so they can easily develop qualities like steadiness, strength, balance etc. All this improves a child’s strength both mentally and physically at a younger age. A unique asana program can be created for children. It should be much milder than that of adults.
Also a little fun should be infused into the poses, like using a popular cartoon figure. You awaken their mind and keep their interest glued because they can relate with what they watch in cartoon. Children are inspired and always want to be like the actor. All these, will give the yoga class children something to look forward to.