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  • 14 Sep 2016
    The NBA 2K has massive franchise. Focusing on the exploits of the National Basketball Association, NBA 2K has become the game to have if you’re a basketball lover that enjoys playing video games. For basketball fans, NBA 2K17 is definitely a game that they don't want to miss. This year, 2K is allowing us to expand MyLeague to up to 36 teams. I love this idea, and it reminds me of something I did in 2K10 that was a lot of fun. When shooting a basketball, it is important to NBA 2K17 MT follow through. The main idea is to add two new teams to the league. Doesn't matter what they're called or where they're located. Some of you might want to see the Sonics resurrected. Personally, I will be playing for the pre-generated Virginia team. Next, create a player. This can be your new "MyPlayer." You have a lot of freedom here to make him as you see fit. No caps unless you want them. I might end up making a 7'7" center for one of these. Put this player on your chosen expansion team and set the player lock on him. This way, it will sim when he's benched, just like in MyCareer. Make another player. This is your guy's rival, and he's going on the second created team. Make him as good as your player. For an extra challenge, make him exploit a weakness your player has. For example, if you're a 6'1" PG, make your rival a taller, Shaun Livingston type PG, who can bully your guy down low. You could even make your rival play another position. Maybe your center is the weak spot on your team, so you could make your rival the next Shaq. This year, 2K is putting team rivalries in MyGM and MyLeague. I'm not sure how much control you'll end up having over this, but hopefully you can breed a rivalry between the two new teams in the league. Now, you need to fill out your roster. I'm going to make mine from free agents -- it'll end up being a ragtag group of misfits, but we'll be able to pull it off with some crazy trick play at the last second! You could also create some more players (hopefully just role players so your team isn't too good) to add some depth. If you're a guard, maybe a solid P&R big. Do the same for the rival squad. If you are looking for Cheap NBA 2K17 MT supplier or you have some extra coins to sell, please contact Of course, MyLeague and MyGM offer tons of freedom and control, so you can automate every non-player aspect (trades, management, etc.), or you could play it like MyGM. You could try to trade for an all star to make a dynamic duo, and maybe you created a role player who ended up being a star (you can always edit sliders to "improve" players), rich gives your team a big three. Keep in mind that you don't have to make your player a god. He can start out like many "good" rookies, in the 70-80s range. And you can bump him up as you feel you earned it. If your play style ends up being an outside shooter, and you score a lot of threes on good efficiency, maybe put some points into three point shooting. If you really wanted a challenge, maybe you could make your player injury prone (if possible). In MyCareer, your player always ends up being the star of his respective team. But here, you basically own the franchise. You get the chance to bring glory to a brand new team made of mostly guys who didn't make any other rosters. Millions of new fans who has been dying for a team in their city. You'd be their hero. Or you can pull a KD. The choice is yours. There’s always one thing for certain when it comes to the world of basketball: one video game simulation reigns supreme. Let's looking forward to the releasing of NBA 2K17. NBA 2K17 will be out soon, have you prepared for it? U4NBA just provide cheap NBA 2K17 MT for sale.
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  • 14 Sep 2016
    NBA 2K17 is an upcoming basketball sports video game published by 2K Sports for the Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. The game will be released on September 20, 2016. When shooting a basketball, it is important to NBA 2K17 MT follow through. Now U4NBA.COM is looking for NBA 2K17 players. We're one of the best in-game currency seller, as a professional in this field, we are focusing on providing most convenient services to our customers. And we have already offering service for over 1,000,000 customers. If you are looking for Cheap NBA 2K17 MT supplier or you have some extra coins to sell, please contact asap. We will be providing the most reasonable price, rapid delivery process and instant payment. Meanwhile our customer representatives are working online 24*7, they will help you out any time if needed. Cheapest Price Deliver Within 20 Mins Huge NBA 2K17 MT in Stock 100% Security Non-limitation Refund Policy 24/7 Live Support U4NBA is your source for the latest news, reviews, previews, tips, forums, streaming & leagues for NBA 2K. If you're playing NBA 2K17, its your best choice to restock coins, we don't know when the price will go up or keep low, keep an eye on our website. We just provide cheap NBA 2K17 MT for sale. Thanks for stopping by to find out about us. Feel free to email, interact through Twitter, Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube Channel!
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General 613 views Sep 14, 2016
New York Knicks: Derrick Rose's Next Chapter In NBA 2K17

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The most exciting news recently for us is NBA 2K17's pre-order release this week. is an online shopping store serving for NBA 2K17 MT.

That's the case with two of the biggest acquisitions of the off-season. Basketball fans have been anticipating seeing Kevin Durant play with the Golden State Warriors and Derrick Rose make his debut with the New York Knicks.

New promos for 2K17 offers you that chance. Titled "#Friction," one new trailer highlights the authentic nature of the game, including players' looks, tattoos, uniforms NBA 2K17 official NBA arenas. At the online shopping store you can buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT.

In the promo, you get a shot of Kevin Durant in his Warriors uniform, battling it out with former teammate Russell Westbrook. You also get to see Joakim Noah in his Knicks uniforms.

Of course, LeBron James takes center stage throughout the clip, showing off his dribbling and post up skills. There's also a shot of The Q's floor with the Cavs logo and video screen.

More NBA 2K17 news please keep eyes on U4NBA.COM which would devote to offer amounts of Cheap NBA 2K17 MT online.