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Technology 283 views Jun 11, 2018
How You take Data Backup and Recovery

Data corruption is not something, which cannot happen in your business. But as a smart entrepreneur, you need to be ready and on standby condition all the time. You cannot take this situation for granted. And you know it why?  The moment you find that your data is lost, all those hours, weeks and years of hard work will be put into bin in just a single day.  Do not let this situation arise in your place of work. Backing up the data is a strategy and not a necessity any more, especially, when you know that we are living in the age of Bigdata and Data Science.Data backup and recovery is not a terse thing to go for. You need only basic technical knowledge.

Types of Data backups

Different types of data ask for different types of data, and therefore, it is necessary that you increase your knowledge on all those backups.

Partial Backup – This is not a complete backup, and therefore, operating systems and application software are not backed up. In this type of backup, there are only few set of files and folders for which the back up is created.  The backup can only be restored back after you have reinstalled the operating system as well as the computer programs.There will not be any type of data loss whatsoever during the transfers. Partial backups are more time consuming than anything else but are considered quite cheap.

Total Backup – It implies that all data, which is on the computer will be taken for backup. It is not a time efficient way of taking the backup.  All data is transferred to CD-ROMs or DVD-ROMs, and in this process, there may be data loss if the hard drive is defective.

Total Backup with Imaging – In this type of data backup, system’s image is created. In this way, a single system file is created, which has all the data stored in it.The biggest advantage to go for this type of data backup is that all your system files, operating systems, application programs and config data files are stored. Your computer will return back to original state, i.e. the state before the backup.

The Types of Hardware Used for Backups

Backups are taken either on the mainframe computers, or network drives or dedicated networks. The whole idea is to keep the files safe and secured all the time. You cannot take files or other data for granted. The hardware comprises USB Flash Drives, or Pen and Thumb drives, Writable CD-ROM discs, Writable DVD discs, Writable Blu-Ray discs, External Hard Drives, and Digital Tape.   It is also significant to understand as to which type of hardware will provide you with good back. Again, you need to analyse the requirements of data backup depending on your business requirements.


Backing up crucial information in the form of data requires a serious consideration. It is important for the success of your business. You cannot run your business without data, and which is the reason that you need Microsoft office 365 backup all the time.