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Shopping 694 views May 23, 2018
Capacity Of Washing Machine Must Be Considered While Buying

Nowadays if you go to buy washing machines then you will find so many options that often it becomes a little difficult to choose the right one. Front loading type of washing machines are the latest addition, while there are even the ancient top loading types available. You can also find washing machine with steam washing facilities. What about its capacity? Capacity is also an important thing to check because that will decide how much load you will be able to put in the machine, at one time.

How capacity of washing machine is indicated?

You can check the specification sheet of the washing machine then you can find the capacity which will be indicated in the unit of weight. This heaviness does not express the weight of the machine but the mass of the maximum load that your washing machine can safely wash in one time. If you exceed that limit then washing efficiency will be reduced. It may demand more amount of water and also take longer time to wash properly. Thus you will end up consuming more electricity.

Now the question is when we define the capacity of the washing machine as 8 kg then what we mean by that? It is the maximum weight of clothes that you can load in the washing machine. Now if you look at the weight of the clothes in dry condition and wet condition then there is a significant difference. Some of your clothes may be dry and few can be wet too. In that case is there any limitation?  The answer is No, as the capacity is indicated as weight of dry clothes. Clothes will be anyway getting wet once they are inserted in the washing machine and their weight will increase. Therefore no matter you insert dry or wet clothe the capacity will be considered in terms of weight of clothes in dry condition only.

How to estimate the weight of clothe?

Usually, there is no way of measuring the weight of clothes as provided in the washing machine then how can you decide whether you are loading right number of clothes according to its capacity? One simple way to get estimated weight of clothes is by using simple weight measuring scale. You can carry the whole lot of clothes in your hand and take the weight. Now you can subtract your actual weight from the total weight to find the weight of clothes.

Other way to judge the weight can be by using following guidelines. These are not exact measurement but rough guidelines to estimate the weight of clothes.

  • Two bath towels can be considered as 1 kg approx.
  • One shirt and a pair of jeans will be 1 kg.
  • If you take five shirts then it is 1 kg
  • Thirty T-shirts can weigh 6 kg.
  • Twelve towels can weigh 6 kg.

Whether you prefer to buy Whirlpool or Samsung or LG washing machine, it is essential to consider the size of your family. On this basis, you can decide which capacity will be appropriate for your family.