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Travel 221 views Apr 27, 2018
Traveling Tips for Pipes and Bongs

There’s a few things to be concerned about when it comes to traveling anywhere with your pipes and bongs. First of all, if they’re glass especially, you need to be very mindful of jostling your bag around, and what other loose objects in there may potentially break your gear. There’s nothing worse than arriving to you friend’s house triumphantly, ready to pull out your bong, only to find a whole lot of shattered glass all over your bag. Not to mention, the smell of a used bong breaking in a bag and getting moisture and residue all over the place sounds awful. Pipes are generally a bit less worrisome because they’re less big and clunky. Bongs can have pretty complex designs which may have a few weak points here and there in the joints between different parts o the bong.

A pipe of high quality at least is one chunk of glass that can be wrapped up tightly in a towel to reduce any chances of it being crushed. Cheaper pipes and bongs especially are to be monitored very closely when traveling, or you’ll see just how fragile that cheap glass is in no time.

Whether you’re going on a little road trip or just going down the block to see your best buds, packing your pipes and bongs is a simple matter of forethought. You don’t need to crazy with bubble wrap or anything, but towels are your friend. When travelling with a bong, I have always sealed the openings shut with saran wrap so that my whole bag would not be infected by the scent, and then I wrapped the whole thing up tightly in a towel, then simply placed it at the top of my bag rather than beneath a bunch of other stuff. This has always worked for me, seeing as I’ve never once broken a bong accidentally by travelling. The process you use to wrap up your pipes and bongs is not so important as the mindfulness of knowing where they are in your bag, and being careful when moving around with it

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